• Awesome post bites85..

    Never knew Google didn’t do anything for ramadan,well this reminds me of diwali in India.. google never had (I guess) a logo made specially for diwali celebration…

    I must say sometimes Google is biased! I hope Google.com.pk finds this post mate!

  • I also feel that sometimes Google is biased.

  • I will make sure that google people find this post… and we may see this Eid a logo for Muslim World that holds 17 percent of world’s population..!

  • Anony

    What are you complaining about ?!?! Google is an American Organization.

    • AMIN

      And America has largest muslim population, after Christians??

      • Furkan

        WHO said that :-o r u crazy? its u.S.A not U.M.A lol

  • Well actually you can’t simply jump to the conclusion right away that ‘Google is Biased’ just because Google does not make any Doodles for the Muslim community events.

    Google focuses on events, culture celebrations for countries in which it has offices and official activities.

    As they don’t have an office in any of the Muslim majority countries yet (and I don’t think they will ever have one), so you can’t blame Google for this now can you?

  • @ Rockstar Sid thanks man !
    @ Madhur Kapoor yes man Google is biased a lot of times.

  • @anony its indeed American company but when they provide you with services like Google Pakistan in Urdu.Then we deserve a little courtesy.
    @Dj Flush well thats not the case,no offices in Muslim countries does not mean they cant show us little affection.They also rely alot on 16% population,which are Muslims.
    @Nayni well you are right but industry flourishes due to consumers ,if they make a logo about islamic bomb,their revenue will get a blow.So its just humanitarian ground that to wish Muslims an Happy Eid…it does not cost them.They are successful because they are user oriented company.So they should think about it.As more than 1 billion people is huge.

  • I cannot agree with this totally, its true that there is not logo for Ramadan, but as DJ Flush said, its based on culture of countries where it more popular.

  • @ Nirmal you totally rite…but Google is very popular among Muslims …every kid does not know what blogging is ! but every kid knows what Google is! so i think that a little affection will be good..!!!

  • Maybe that is because it is against Islam to make “idols”? I am told even photography is a modern relaxation of its very strict rules…

  • Maybe that is because it is against Islam to make “idols”? I am told even photography is a modern relaxation of its very strict rules…

    [submitting again… i want to be notified of followup comments :) ]

  • I seriously wouldn’t have commented on this article if I didn’t read this sentence

    A very important factor for Google’s success is its localization, and the ease it provides for people all over the world and for all religions.

    The last word in the above quoted sentence gave me quite close to what we call a laugh.

    As for Bites85, Dude you sound as if you have been working in Google for 10 years and you seem to be their head of humanities and public relations.

    Making assumptions is one thing, making dead sure statements is another.

  • Rofl.. this post making some buzz!

  • Why don’t you take this up with Badar, the offical Google country representative for Pakistan (easy to find his contact info, just Google it). Get an official reply from them and it would make for an interesting follow-up post.

  • Btw Ramadan has 30 days :) The author of this post forgot to mention which day he wants Google to display the Ramadan Doodle

    We have a lot of choices you see

    1. Peshawar Ramadan Day

    2. Saudi Ramadan Day

    3. Rest of the world Ramadan Day

    then there is the 30 whole days of Ramadan itself and a Eid day too

    Wow! Google is at so much liberty here ain’t it?

    • asif

      pakistan ramazan day for google pakistan

  • A very interesting discussion, I too wish that we might have a Google Doodle for Pakistan one day / or for that fact an EID or Muslim Doodle, but to blame Google as being biased just because they have not done it — I believe is pushing it.

    Send in a request, approach Google Pakistan rep [Badar Khushnood] locate the Google Doodle team and send them this as a suggestion – be proactive – im sure they wont mind sharing the Google Love.

    But I agree its kind of depressing to have every other Doodle except a Muslim doodle LOL [funny ain’t it, just using that word [doodle] I almost wish not to have one for Muslims LOL]

    Over ‘n out

  • Dj Ommz

    Well as far as i see now the trendz have been changed now giant organizations aint emphasizing on the profit based management system but now we are acting like a global villages and everything is just integrated people just expand their business by promoting each others culture and releigion. As a fact muslims contribute more than 17% of world population the biggest releigion being alive right now and if this thing comes under notice of all the muslims then it will make a difference to the Google people.

    The point to think is being such a Bizz gaint Google cant ignore this fact Google is acting biased. wht if PTA blked something does Pakistan really represent 17% popukation of the world or wht . Whatb about other muslim majority countries?

  • Osama

    I think we Muslims represent a huge percentage of the people living in this world… and we deserve to be treated equally good like the others… If its a policy that no religious logo should be put up… then no diwali or christamas logo should be put up there… And if they think that we Muslims dont have idols and pictures in our religion… well that is true… but we do advertise Eid and Ramadan … and so can Google…

    • Bob

      Then start your own search engine and get a life!

  • yeah i agree with Osama


    well im lucky that i stumbled upon the site . . . after checking out all the comments . . . here is the conclusion.
    ” there is no doubt that muslims r a huge consumers of google and its due to google’s gurus that we get the services which r uncomparable with others but even the guru is not perfect, so they forgot to entertain muslims community, now is the time they make the right choice and make a logo for EID definitly they will get confirmed user hike and thats good for them”.
    P.S: so guys we want a logo. . . go google!

  • Nayni

    Google’s this biased attitude proves that business and emotions can go hand in hand. To launch Google Pakistan was their business need and to ignore “Islamic Events ” is their deliberate emotional and ‘sacred’ attempt.
    I’m sure if they ask to make any logo for WAR ON TERROR , they will not waste a single moment to tag it as ‘Save the World from Islamic Bomb”. May be like American media , google is also greatly influenced by a certain lobby that takes breath with Tel Aviv , for Tel Aviv and because of Tel Aviv.

    Whatever the case is , a popular search engine like Google should not be used to widen the gulf among the habitats of world , that could be used otherwise.

  • While i think the issue could be raised, the best way to get someone to your site is not to spam their comments section. Good luck on your quest, but to my knowledge users submit the icons, google doesn’t make them. Just what i know.

  • vimoh

    I think I have read about this in “The Google Story” book. They don’t have logo celebration for religious occasions. All their celebrations are for secular festivals. They used to have a Diwali logo as well but it was removed when someone pointed out it was a Hindu festival. So there… :)

    • waseem

      I live in Ireland….and know very well that St. Patrick is lot more religious than cultural

  • Sshm

    well first of all hats off to Bites85…a very good article indeed…and its true that google is biased..and will love to see a Happy Eid logo..We also want some care…Google is the best so i think should consider the idea…Gr8 bites85…

  • shahan

    ” I would agree with Bites85 that google is biased.It celebrates every single occasion.It would also be good if Google does some courtesy for us.I would love to see a happy eid google doodle,im hopeful that it will happen this Eid.Because google listens to its users.OH happy eid people in advance “

  • @Osama @Dj Ommz @Usman @Sshm @Shahan

    Thanks for your comments…! will see a Google happy eid logo on this eid…fingers crossed !

  • Newb3e

    I dont get it why do Muslims care if some one is not celebrating eid.What will a google happy eid logo do for us?
    Nothing its just bullshit rather then hoping for something positive from enemies of Islam respond them with a bigger product something bigger then Google or as a eid gift Nuke Occupied Plastine and kill all the jews.

  • Nice Article !

  • @Dj Ommz thanks for the explanation dude…U made good point..now newb3e will understand it…
    @Hammad Malik thanks alot man for appreciating…

  • Google do a great job in my opinion. They have a portal dedicated to Pakistan, urdu translation, a google rep in pakistan etc. I’m sure it’s an oversight but really great article Bites and well pointed out. I’ve always enjoyed the google doodles for the various events but it never crossed my mind to have one for Eid/Ramadan. Lets hope they do come up with one thats acceptable to ALL our factions!!! If they are a muslim hatin bunch then this would be a great opportunity for them to cause muslim faction tensions in the techie world for muslims too wouldn’t it!!

  • @Nasir Mahmood well thnx for appreciating :)..hope they make one and no one should heva any problem with that…it will be good InshAllah…

  • Khayyam Shahzad

    Yes google is biased regarding this issue…Google is the best company…I hope they understand the demand and make one happy eid google doodle for this eid…Google we counting on you

  • @Khayyam Shahzad thanks alot man ! we all counting on Google !

  • Amen to that! Can I say “amen to that” in this context? Regardless, I have long felt that irrespective of its origins, there is a level of ignorance about the larger world that is almost inherent to the perspective of citizens of the US and the corporate entities that we create.

    These blinders to the world around us reveal themselves in ways large and small – like someone saying “Amen” to a post as they know not what else to say or Google being blind to the point of view of many of their customers and potential customers.

  • malikniyar

    Google is the best company but biased regarding this issue……I hope they understand the demand and make one happy eid google doodle for this eid…
    Google we counting on you

  • @Design thanks for you comment…Google should realize its customers.
    @Malik Niyar thanks alot.

  • Google is evil..although their motto is “dont do evil” :D

  • @NasirJumani very rite ;)

  • Abdullah

    I think Bites85 has certainly made a good observation. Totally agree with you man. Its not about a silly Doodle, its about being biased. ppl at Google should realize it.

  • @ Abdullah Thanks man for supporting.

  • I agree with DjFlush that Google doesn’t have any office or organization here in Pakistan. So it’s no wonder they don’t put up doodles of our occasions.

  • @Haris very rite…but i think then they dont even have to give google in urdu version! likewise we deserve a doodle.

  • Firstly, a very good point highlighted by Bites85 :) Thumbs Up :D Deserves a pingback!

    Secondly, i suggest that we keep in mind a broader topic, ie: Doodles for Eid, for all muslims, not just a specifir country as pakistan. We can all mail google, cast a vote, blog about it etc to raise the topic. Digg, stumble, etc… when will they come in handy !

  • @c0d3r thanks for the comment…well ofcourse actually the idea is for whole of the Muslim Community..i have signified that..It will be much better on Google.com … ;) thanks man !

  • Hello,

    Yes, It’s very serious issue. Please share “contact forum” for complain to Google.

    Google Has office in these countries Egypt (Heliopolis, Cairo), Turkey (Istanbul), Dubai. If anyone guy lived in these area. Please submit “Hard Copy” complain to Sub-Office.


  • @Ahmed Iqbal thanks !

  • @ Muhammad Siyab thanks.we have already approached to Google.Lets see! what they do.

  • Soon,i will be announcing a good news.

  • Muhammad Siyab

    I agree to DjFlush’s comment above that saying Google is biased could be a little extreme. After all, they’ve got Google Pakistan and Google Search in Urdu.

    But it is completely true that there should be a doodle for Eid and similar occasions. In fact, I’m a little disappointed that the Google rep for Pakistan didn’t already approach Google. But the key here is to be proactive and helpful – ask them kindly, and I’m sure they’ll ‘Do no Evil’ ;)

  • I feel ashamed. Demanding the google doodle for Ramadan and Eid seems like begging for something. Please, please, please make a doodle for us, we feel inferior without it, please don’t insult us, please don’t leave us out. Why don’t we make ourselves enough able, strong, advance, creative that others would come to us and ask for our demands.

  • @PakSpeaker Thanks.
    @Nabeel Appreciate your comment.But not getting the whole point.We not inferior to anyone,just demanding what we deserve.

  • momers

    yes google is biased…and specially Google India!

    Why? See this… I still have to get a reply form these guy to my emails and postings on their group.


    and this

    Google Mapmaker blocking AJK and NA’s editing
    Dear Google,

    Why am I unable to edit parts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir aka AJK and
    Northern Areas aka NA’s in the Pakistan administered region of Kashmir
    (the eastern side of the Line of Control (LoC))??

    There is a white translucent polygon covering that entire Azad Kashmir
    and NA’s region when you zoom in enough. At the highest zoom levels i
    can select the editing tools but clicking on the region does not
    initiate any edits?!


    Even the city place marks are not available in the Azad Kashmir region
    on the Pakistan side, cities like Mirpur and Muzaffarabad. But on the
    flip side the Indian Administered Kashmir aka Jammu Kashmir is quite
    extensively mapped.

    It appears to me that regional politics has taken a front seat here.
    If this is so, then this is most unfortunate and least expected of

    AJK or Azad Kashmir is an officially recognized region with the Line
    of Control demarcating the border between the Pakistani and Indian
    administered regions of Kashmir. Then why this selective treatment is
    being administered to the Pakistani administered side is a serious
    question and would require an official explanation from Google and the
    Mapmaker team.

    Thank you!

  • Hello Friends,

    Here, Google Doodle Related “URL”. Please All Guy’s Send Request And Contact With Call. I hope, Google understand our request.
    Please take practical action.

    URL: http://www.google.com/doodle4google/press.html

  • Hello,

    I have Created This Issue On Google Doodle group. Please, Done Maximum request’s.

    Google Doodle group:-


  • @Ahmed Iqbal .Hey i’m the real poster,and i did it on Propakistani ‘Google is biased’, but you wrote on your discussion group real poster Bites85 // “Xubair”..So, i would like you to rephrase it.Thanks

  • bites85, now i am very much sure that you are doing it to catch some attention nothing else. the thread ahmed iqbal has made there is having my post about doodle thing, not yours =S

  • Muhammad Siyab

    this is what makes me sick. Someone has this grudge against another someone, and the WHOLE, following conversation takes that route, instead of the original thing [doodles]

    Come on people! This is definitely not the place to get personal :S

  • Heres a request from left field.

    Instead of Google, why don’t we ALL who have our own sites/blogs have an Eid DOODLE? quit complaining about just google.

    Can some artistic genius here make me a nice doodle/logo for Eid? You can enter your name on the doodle and I’ll happily credit you and offer you links and advertising space or whatever for the duration of Eid. i just think it would be nice.
    I designed all the graphics (with great difficulty) and I can do the techie stuff but I’m definitely no artist!!

    The site is Pristine Pakistan . com . If you do good, then I’m sure we can get this trend going and get a LOT of artistic requests.

  • why did that comment get removed? I only announced a competition for Eid where you can win a Sony Ericsson W850i for the best designed Eid logo for my site.

  • Hey guys no one is getting personal or jealous.I just wanted a back link to this article,nothing else.And still if any one plans to write on it,please give a back link.We all are brothers.I respect all.Lets just be united.

    P.S. I love you xubair and alee :)

  • Muhammad Siyab

    Eid has come and gone… and do we see a doodle?

  • @ Muhammad Siyab, Well the revolution is never going to end…Im planning now for the Eid ul Adha…This will always be a part of mine ,im supporting it until Google makes a Doodle…even if im going to see it in my 50’s..so guys buckle up …

  • bob

    they were probably scared of getting blown up!!!!

  • Asad Muhgal

    They really should atleast do it on google Pakistan

  • truth sayer

    I actually agree with who said , this site belongs to am American organization , so don’t get surprised when facing such biases against Muslims and Muslim countries.
    and as one of above users wrote, if they ( google ) are asked to doodled on War terror , the won’t hesitate a second to do that, because they will enclose Islam into it .
    may ALLAH grant success to you

  • Zia

    Just last year people celebrated eid-ul-fitr on different days. There are I don’t know how many sects. Ulemas can’t even come with a unified day of eid. Calling google biased and racist without even looking at the main problem is dumb.

  • Imran Zahoor

    Yes you are right…

  • adnan

    The co-owner of google is Segei Brinn, and for your information, he’s a Jew. And everybody knows that Jews don’t have very good feelings about Muslims.

  • Bob

    HAHAHA what a joke!

  • Ahmed

    Today you are complaining that Google is not showing Eid logo. Tomorrow if Google shows the logo millions of mullah will complain that it’s against Islam and put out a fatwa against Google. Why would Google want to do that against manic Muslims?

  • This post was written on Sep 17, 2008, and now its 2011 …. have that made any doodle for Muslims or Pakistan now? (‘?’)

  • Sri

    I think google is wary of a fatwa being issued against any Islamic doodle it comes up with, since there are always enough lunatics ready to kill lots of people against any perceived slight on Islam.

    Can’t blame them.

  • adnan

    then we should try to learn lesson that their events are not to be celebrated by us.

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