• was it about money earning or blogging? :P

    • @Saad Ibrahim, money was told as an incentive for non-bloggers to start blogging : -)

      • @Aamir Attaa, but from your post it sounds like they forgot the the prime reason they were there for i.e blogging and started showing off how much they earn

        • @Saad Ibrahim, yes it was sort of display of revenues to encourage non-bloggers and new bloggers to kick their blogging career.

          Though we had Lahore Metblog Team there, and they clearly mentioned their aim and passion of blogging – which has driven them to blog for as long as 5 years without earning a cent.

        • @Saad Ibrahim, Brother, it was necessary. They were displaying success stories and people were also gathering to have a look that how bloggers earn and how much. It was important to show off full potential of blogging world.

  • Hey why wasn’t I invited?

    • @DocMood, no one was invited, the message was spread through a Facebook page and posts on various blogs. I had anticipated this that many would get missed.

      I am sorry but you may want to catch December’s meet-up

      • @Aamir Attaa, December’s meetup? Really is there a December meetup?

  • lol, thanks Aamir, i was kidding really but they really should have done a better job of publicising the event. Mind you, I have been in hibernation for a week or two so i’m not surprised I missed it

  • The event was planned and conducted in 3-4 days I think. All this plus the sponsorships is a real tough thing to manage in this time frame.

  • Nice meeting you there. BTW, you have a great and very closely focused blog here.

  • Truly it was a great event. I enjoyed traveling all the way to a new city with Aamir bhai and Zeeshan, the journey was quite full of fun and discussion.

    Loved meeting new people at the meetup. Kudos to Badar and Khurram.

  • It was a great event. Had so much fun on the way to Lahore. Hats off to Badar and Khurram for organizing the event in no time.

  • so bad i didnt make it this time but may be next time i will join you guys to have fun.

  • it was very nice to know more people earning from blogging and freelancing

  • good stuff…let the revolution begin…i didnt know soccerlens was a PAKI run blog…WONDERFUL and very inspiring…

    i guess this is one way to change things…considering the only way to get educated people in the national assembly is through the traditional way of creating a political party…

    bloggers union party ….BUP….i m up for it…revolutionary…it will take time but we will get there….i hope a lot of bloggers read this post…the future is what we youngsters and intellectuals make it…

  • Nice review.

  • It was really nice to meet and network with people of our creed including Aamir you too! :)

    • @Hasan Mubarak, Same here bro, i was amazed to see the enthusiasm and excitement amongst bloggers, especially the youngsters…!

      Let me get back to you in couple of days with an agenda to discuss with you and other senior bloggers.

  • hmmm nice to know details about it

    there should be some more publicity about the event so every one could attampt it

    any ways next time :p

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  • Irtiza

    SoccerLens is a gr8 site! but all their income does not come from legal ways. They sell/advertise/promote betting on their site which is not at all legal according to my beliefs!

  • Asim Iqbal

    Wonderful Pictures of Lahore