• Tarang300

    interesting point of view for corporate resp. i think it is easier to follow.

  • Great indeed!!!

    Before I pen down few words for Mr. Hasnat Masood , I want to thank you Mr. Aamir Atta for giving us a platform to have a meeting, though virtual, with people who are usualy not in the ‘access’ of a user. This is an indirect way to get success tips from these successful personalities, hidden in their each uttered word.

    This interview of Mr.Masood reflects that he is the right man at right place. User friendly projects like ‘Meri helpline ‘, ‘Apna PCO , and ‘Nya qadam ‘of telenor show how beautifully he is observing the pulse of mobile users. Having great aims in mind, he is writing the history of enviable success of telenor

    Being a Pakistani , it is a pleasure to know that we have ‘such’ minds among us

    I wish best of luck to Mr. Hasnat Masood .

    Looking forward to know more about the minds who are bringing revolution in this field

    • babar

      Great lady you have prooved one thing and that is your greatness while you were paying tribute to him

      there is woman behind every successful man because

      women never follow unsuccessful men………cheers he has left the telenor without iplementation of his upcommings.

  • minhaaj

    i have worked in telenor contact center for 8 months. Its probably worst than Mobilink. Elitism, stupidity and inefficiency is the motto of telenor. No wonder it breaked even within two years of operations. Just like capitalistic vultures.

  • Nazakat Hussain

    I wish Mr. Hasnat a very successful career in Telenor Pakistan.

    It’s very interesting to note that Telenor Pakistan had developed CSR projects of diversified nature.

    All the best Mr. Hasnat.

  • It would be great to have Hasnat’s views on this idea: http://telecompk.net/2008/12/22/a-school-for-every-cell-phone-tower/

  • muhammad akbar

    Its nice to see hasnat view, could Telenor expand their CSR for EQ affected area of ajk/ some of more marginalized communities need support for theie livelihood development.




  • M. Khayyam Siddiqi

    Here is an update about Hasnat:

    After a tenure of four years, Syed Hasnat Masood, Director Corporate Communications & Responsibility has decided to move on from Telenor Pakistan.

    Chief Strategy Officer and VP Corporate Affairs, Aamir Ibrahim, in his comments said, “Hasnat has been a wonderful team player and his contribution to Telenor Pakistan cannot be overstated. We will definitely miss him and wish him best of luck for his future endeavors”.

    Syed Hasnat Masood expressed satisfaction with his tenure at Telenor Pakistan, “I have decided to move on from Telenor Pakistan to pursue personal ambitions. Telenor Pakistan has provided me with growth opportunities and has a huge social contribution to its credit, some of which I am honored to have been a part of. I am grateful to have worked with a great team and will miss them.”

  • babar

    Its a great effort you are doing to interview these type of personalities like mr.Masood is
    but you forgot to ask one great question rather the key question
    he is BA honour in Bio Chemistry and worked as the scientist will he please like to share the source how he got the job at telenor orP&g there is only one thing and that is strong contacts or refference there are lot of talented people in search of director and producer to make their first move but they remain un noticed due to their GOD gifted sources weldone mr.Hasnat but please reveal who arrange jobs for you to perform…………….

    Do you have enough courage to guide the sourceless and unfortunate youth ……