• Sajid

    @Aamir Atta!!!
    My name appears on the list at Sr. No. 11 but I didn’t get the email. Is it me or someone else???

    • ahhh – i am afraid i can’t give email ids before name (to protect privacy), if it were you, then you must had received email.

      I am sorry but this is not you in this case : – (

      • Sajid

        ok thnx, no Problem!!
        Better luck next time to me. Lolz

  • saira

    100% fake

  • saira

    100% fake offer

  • Inam Orakzai


    It’s not a Fake.. I’ve won in the 1st Lucky Draw..

  • Jadoo

    @ saira.. its not fake….

  • Muhammad Usman Azam

    Mujay nai mila…………:(

  • Ch. Sajid

    No news of 19 April winners so far. Why why why???????????Waiting anxiously.

    • Ch. Sajid

      Yet no news, Was that a limited time offer???LOlz

  • Dr.omer

    where r the winners of 19th april, no news ?

  • hamid

    we will win the lucky draw this was truth are not

  • umarhayat