May 11, 2009

  • usman ali

    hi everyone i m planning to buy a laptop in nxt month inshallah. bt so far i m unable to find very good retailer as i belong to multan can any one help with dis plz do post here yar i hv a bdget of 40000 to 45000 i realy liked ids dv6000 may b i can go for dis by saving a lil bit more but plz yaar main mulytan se kharidna chahta hun tou plz help me guys

  • Haroong

    MyPcPk.com is from lahore.. you can contact them and they will provide @ your doorstep.. call @ their numbers for order booking !!!

  • Anam

    I have DV6626us, same type but the RAM is 1GB, its an excellent laptop. I have downgraded it from Vista to WinXP. I have been using it for some time and its an excellent laptop especially watching movies and listening Audio is excellent.

    Anyone, planning to go for this laptop, i will give you thumbs up.


  • Ahmad

    I also wanna buy a laptop between but i need some guidance as i am new with laptop so plz tell me which brand and model is best in 60k to 70k range and also from where to buy ?
    Which laptop shop is best in multan or lahore ?
    Do you suggest me HP Dv6000 ?

    • RajaSb

      Pls go for HV DV series Entertainment Laptop in the range of 60 – 70 k you can easily get following models of HP:

      HP DV6000 Rs. 57000/-
      HP DV7000 Rs. 70000/-
      HP DV9000 Rs. 65000/- (+)

      prices are subject to little bit change.. but these are good machines for usage

  • Kamran

    I need a laptop with maxium backup time in Rs.70000
    Plz suggest me the brand and model to buy, i will be very thankfull.

    Yesterday i check my friends laptop (HP Compaq nc6000) and it show me 3:39 remaining time with 98% full battery so i also want that type of big time battery laptop.

    • RajaSb

      HP DV series provides maximum backup time..

  • http://ssgic.hadithuna.com ssg


    Nice article. I have HP Pavillion dv6000 laptop with Windows Vista Home Basic. It is a nice laptop.

  • usman ali

    cant u suggest me any retailer or company wich has its branch in multan cuz i want to buy it 4m ma own city

  • DuFFeR

    sir g, this looks expensive as compared to other notebook in the market

    • RajaSb

      pls provide prices of other notebooks with destinations !! as this one seems to be lowest price that was qouted by him..which is not being offered in market!! my own survey!!!

  • nasir

    Well this model is 2-3 years old now, the technology has changed so much and one can get even better options with latest laptop. So i ll suggest you not to buy this laptop as this is an old model with high price and you even cant find it on some reputed shops. I am not saying this that this laptop has some flaws but before investing some good amount on technology one should always think for future safeness. This laptop is priced around 60-70k and you can find DV5 or DV4 series from HP. and Inspiron series from Dell is even cheaper now. you can get a good specs laptop for 55K.

    • Haroong

      Let me inform you here that , HP dv6k is not that much old as per its features and specifications. in Rs. 57k you could not get any good new pinpack machine with remote ,lightscribe , touch sensitive button , mouse scroll function. yes , any one can get DELL in 60k but all invane , because of limited features . DELL is not offering lightscribe , Stainless body , Stainless Speakers , mouse scroll , Diagnoal View Scree , and in all pure entertainment Laptop.. DELL Entertainment LAPTOP price is more than 80k i.e. XPS Series or new ADAM series…. i was frequent user of DELL ….but now i bought HP since 1 year in DV series beleive me i love this machine, You dont have to care of stains on wristpads of laptop or anywhere else ,, becasue it is all in all stainless steel….

  • Saad

    Plz suggest me a latest laptop with maximum backup time(3+hours) in range of Rs.60000 to 80000
    Also plz tell about the shop to buy in lahore or multan.

    • Haroong

      Go for any of the Above !!! but GO for HP…

      • Saad

        I will be HP but you didnt specify latest laptop with maximum backup time(3+hours) in range of Rs.60000 to 80000
        Also plz tell about the shop to buy in lahore or multan.

  • nasir

    Hello saad!

    I ll suggest you to consult on http://www.wiredpakistan.com in hardware section. As i am not familiar with Lahore market so cant tell you about the shop. you can also check galaxy.pk and http://myshop.com.pk/laptops-pakistan/index.php both of these has proper setup in Lahore

  • Haroong

    HP gives you 2.5 + hrs of battery time any DV model.. in Lahore ..i think visit http://www.mypcpk.com it is lahore based online site. you will get all the contact details there.

  • Sarmad

    Plz tell me the latest hp models in Rs.80k with 8cell battery.
    How hp release its models ?
    I mean dv3 and dv4 then dv5 and so on dv6, dv7…
    If it is true then it means dv3 models have old technology so only buy dv5 to dv7 models ?

  • Anam

    Thing is DV5 is basically DV6000 series.

    DV6000 series is basically Entertainment class. Nice movies, nice sound and bigger screen.

    These days DV6 with 16″ screen is here.

    I suggest you all to identify you need, is it entertainment or weight or prices and power.

    http://www.notebookreview.com/ is wonderful website and you can read detail reviews, customer reviews and get prices ideas of the notebooks.

    http://www.sarbaazlaptop.com is a wholesale laptop trading website.

    • Haroong

      sarbaaz is under construction… Pls notebook review is known to everyone everywhere…but it does not give you detail of which local store offers you these prices…

  • zain

    well i have HP dv9380 ea media center pc
    its far more better than this one in quality and price
    i suggest you to review DV9380ea also so that people get aware.regards

  • usman ali

    yar HP DV9380 ki kia price hai??

  • Wash

    Hi i want to sell my dv6000 with the following specifications in multan.
    HP PAVILLION DV6000 FOR SALE Urgently!!!

    38000 RS

    OS Name Microsoft® Windows Xp Professional
    System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
    System Model HP Pavilion dv6700 Notebook PC
    System Type X86-based PC
    Processor AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60, 1.81 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
    Total Physical Memory 1.00 GB
    Page File Space 16.0 MB
    HD 160GB
    Black Color
    NVIDIA 256 Integrated Graphics Card
    5 in 1 Card Reader

    0333 6118437

  • Azhar

    Does HP Dv6000 with Light Scribe have bluetooth?

  • hussain

    wonderfull laptop i got in 40000pkr.but really good.its vry attractive

  • ome

    jaldi jaldi bach lay warna main laylon ga……>>>>

  • http://www.bilalkaleem.co.nr Bilal Kaleem

    THIS IS A GREY PRODUCT PLEASE DONT BUY THIS> IE: it is a smuggled piece

  • Babar Baig

    Hi, I need to buy a new Laptop in 50-60K range, Kindly suggest a few good brands with model No.

  • touqeer

    i m boyer of a laptop contact me. cell no. is 0300 5752963

  • engr.faraz khan

    hi . i have d6000 hp handbook .i have some problem facing during last monthe .my laptop fail vga .and i try to maitain them but they be come againe this problem after some days.plz tell me what the basic problem. tkans .Enge.faraz yousafzai

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  • Abid

    HP Dv6000 for sale :
    3 GHZ Amb Centrino processor
    Hard disk : 160 GB
    RAM : 3 GB
    Nvidia Graphic Card
    Display : 15.4
    super Dvd
    Altec Lansing Speakers
    Front Camera

    To Get Contact on: 03336992229 / 03336969232

  • Abid

    HP Dv6000 for sale :
    3 GHZ Amb Centrino processor
    Hard disk : 160 GB
    RAM : 3 GB
    Nvidia Graphic Card
    Display : 15.4
    super Dvd
    Altec Lansing Speakers
    Front Camera

    To Get Contact on: 03336992229 / 03336969232