• farrukh

    supper cooolll


  • Adnan khalid

    Its Really Good.I Love my Country Pakistan Zindabad

  • Inam Orakzai

    That’s Really Really Amazing!
    Just need a Sincere Leadership, otherwise everything iz Great here..


  • Its “IT Tazee” :)

    would be great if you could post the credits for each of these pictures too, so we know where they came from. Alot of these seem to be from dawn and satuma?

    thanks for the link , much appreciated :)

  • shaaani

    it is true also Dawn News reported this


    it has a website with complete information about the drones there website was http://www.idaerospace.com but now its gone. Their Plant is in Korangi Industrial Area.

    i’m not sure if its still there.

  • Qasim

    Nothing more to say than this … PAKISTAN ZINDA BAAD …

  • Tahir

    Its awesome ,But these little drones have a remote video view and GPRS/GIS/Satalite navigations

  • S.M. Zahid

    I can’t believe it, then what and why they are begging for.

  • Amazing! we cant b left behind no matter what :)

    • S.M. Zahid

      You are right, we are not left behind in cheating, stealing, murdering, lying, killing, breaking the promise, betraying and deceiving each other. and that is the reason Allah’s punishments are on us in the form of hunger and fear, which will not stop unless we correct ourselves.

  • Pakistan Puts UAVs at Center of Technology Effort

  • Farrukh Ahmed

    I think we need technology to stop current drones attacks in our country. It can be done by blocking radio frequency on which these drones operate.

    Thank you.

  • Talha

    To All Those who are Looking to Destabilize Pakistan……….. Hang On!!!! We R Coming Hard!!!!

  • jis khet sy dehkan ko rozi nahi muyaser
    os khet k khosha e gandam ko jala do

    aiy tahir lahoti os rizaq sy moat achi
    jis rikaz sy aati ho parwaz main kotai..

    جس کھیت سے دہقاں کو روزی نہیں میسر
    اس کھیت کے خوشہ گندم کو جلا دو۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

    اے طائر لاہوتی اس رزق سے موت اچھی
    جس رزق سے آتی ہو پرواز میں کوتائی

  • S.M. Zahid

    I completely agree with technical, but this is very unfortunate. Allah says Wa makaroo Wa Makarallah, Wallaho Khair-ul-makayreen. The country which was made in the name of La Ilaha Illalah, and people start playing and doing maker with Allah. So definitely Allah will win. What happen to USSR – Russia is a history now. May Allah save us that it may not repeat here. What are going to do even we have drone technology or what is the use of nuclear technology, when we are unable to provide food, shelter, security, health, education and justice to our people. If not WE then wait for Allah’s decision.

  • Bilal

    Pakistan govt not require drones, they need free drones from America.
    If Pakistan made F-16, JF-17 thunder then what is drone a dumb technology.
    Even it is a such dumb technology can also made by UET students.

  • saqib

    Pakistan zindabaab
    yeh technology kuch to made in pak hai or kuch italy or pak ki mushtarika,………………wah indian dogs will shocked

  • Iftikhar ahmad

    Hi Pakistan, I’m really happy when I see the efforts of young Pakistani scientist who delivered tremendous contributions to defense jobs.I hope tht in future also the pak made amaizing contributions will be delevered for a good hope.

  • VPrince

    Well done, the falcons of Allama-Iqbal. I hope for helicopters (Made in Pakistan. Cheap, economical, reliable). This machine is really more useful for the nation to Rescue, Flood, Earthquakes, Emergencies, Quick accident recoveries, Patients’s transfers, Armed & Semi-armed forces, VIP Traffic etc…).

    We believe that idea in the first brick of the building. With Thanks for all effortees.

  • Abdul Samad Umar

    Allah Rabbul Izzat will help pakitani people, which love to their country , other wise all the leader ship is covered with corruption of all kinds, It is true ” GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES” I pray to god please help us with senciour leadership which only think about “PAKISTAN”


  • Imran Khan

    MASHALLAH live long Pakistan

    Hum kese say kam nhe

  • Tar TwoGo

    God keep Pak safe and on right path. And peace and prosperity for all.