• This is very nice article. But to be honest our government have zero intrest in these things. I want to draw following most important points. As you talked that Internet is main important for outsource, but except large cities where we have DSL, wimax and other stuff, in small cities internet is very very expensive. Bandwidth prices from PTCL are still rocking, they never been cheaper, and actually quality internet is from crc circuits.

    As for DSL, Wimax and other services, they lack quality sometime they go down and up, and no doubt they are cheap, but for outsourcing we need strong backbone of internet connectivity.

    Government should do following

    1. Provide cheap internet to software housese and outsourcing companies
    2. Education and institution should be established to put our skill in right demanding career path.
    3. License and work permit requirement of offshoure industry should be easy and at very rare cost.

  • Naureen, thank you for sharing your thoughts and you will appreciate the fact that in January 2006, South African Billionaire Mark Shuttleworth and founder of Ubuntu Linux (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark Shuttleworth) visited Pakistan to launch the Ubuntu Linux Asia Tour and a big meeting was hosted in Lahore with PSEB and the IT Industry members. During the meeting he made three things clear for the region to grow out of its shell and participate productively in the knowledge economy: Technology, especially innovation and Free & Open Source Software spreads through the Internet, thus the Internet fuels Innovation and for Pakistan to progress in IT, high speed Internet at very low-cost (even free for students) will have to be provided. You are right, we didn’t listen then and we can’t be sure that if we have learnt our lesson or not yet!

  • Pakistan has shown a great progress in many Industries in recent years and IT is one of them. Pakistan is providing quality software development services to many countries, due to rapid increase in highly qualified professionals in IT Industry

  • Rez

    As far as outsourcing Webdevelopment and IT related projects, i would like to suggest that the trend is on its decline, i have personally hired several local Pakistani devs and found them to be non punctual, expensive, unable to comprehend properly, bad at understanding and then delivering the required work.

  • Daine Ozley

    Good luck everybody! – I will come back again. Are you on facebook or twitter? Will like to follow you.