• obaid saeed

    two year earlier my n70 was stolen.
    n after some effort of one day i got it back ;-)
    When i reached the house of that man who stole my cell.
    His face was worth looking he was shocked

    • wow – so you got some black magic?

    • But you will agree, 99.99 percent of us, can’t get it back!

  • obaid saeed

    When ever you call
    along with you operator number the operator transmit the imei of the cell phone.
    So its not hard enough to trace your cell phone if you have personal access to multiple operators.

  • obaid saeed

    ya i agree

  • obaid saeed

    amir bhai 21st century is more than black magic.
    just look around you

    • lol – yea i am thinking to look at you next time : – p in case my phone is stolen

      • obaid saeed

        any time
        hope your cell will not be stolen

        • : – )

        • imran

          ar maira sony ericsson k790i 1 hafta pahly kisee ny chori kar lia tha jab main maree gya tha
          mug ko bohat bohat afsoos ho raha ha
          mairy pass us set ka poora saman waranty card and box tak ha bas set nai ha

          koi maire help kar sakta ha set trace karny main bhi?

  • obaid saeed

    a baba g in my village told me in my childhood.
    that a horse and a man don’t know how much powerful they are,
    if they realize that they will crush every hurdle in their way towards their destination
    now a days when I look around me I find it quite true

  • obaid saeed

    if you get some spare time then do read a book
    “think and grow rich” by nepoleon hill.

  • imran

    yar maira sony ericsson k790i 1 hafta pahly kisee ny chori kar lia tha jab main maree gya tha
    mug ko bohat bohat afsoos ho raha ha
    mairy pass us set ka poora saman waranty card and box tak ha bas set nai ha

    koi maire help kar sakta ha set trace karny main bhi?

  • wajee

    i lost my cell last year and i also called to PTA to block my cell , but till yet my application is pending.

  • Rafay


    You were lucky and that guy was damn stupid.
    He used a sim card which was on his NIC.
    What if he used a Sim which was not registered on his NIC. Will you be then able get u r phone back the answer NO! not a chance.
    The only way was then Black Magic.

    • obaid saeed

      ya thats true
      that was the way i got that person

      • Asim

        Please tell me how you got your cell back.I’ve lost my nokia c5-03 please contact me personally and explain me what should I do to check what number is working on my cell??? plz plz… :'(

  • Bits

    Well, very informative post~~

    Let met tell you guyz there are lot of softwares available on the web for tracing your phone number incase of windows mobile phone or Nokia some models.

    1. U need to install that software on your handset. it will remain hidden.

    2. The time, when any other sim or your sim will be changed it will send you sms at your stored number at the time of installation for informing you on which number your mobile is been using.

    3. it will happen every time ..otherwise you can also select lock the handset, which is basically corupputing the GSM radio of Phone and no more signals and no remedies except from that software…

    • obaid saeed

      Now a days many cell phones are available with tracker option.
      They do the same

  • obaid saeed

    I have seen recovery of cell phones by another pattern.
    Victim people distribute a notice containing the cell pone model & imei in mobile markets with some reward 1000 or 2000.
    A shopkeeper takes that happily.
    And when he receives a cell phone having victim’s defined specification, the shopkeeper informs the victim.
    There are chances to recover in this way.
    If you don’t get any response within one week, then go for blocking.
    More over shopkeepers don’t purchase any second hand set without nic copy of selling person.

  • malik

    i lost my nokia mobile. i’ve iemi no. how i can track. i was using telenor sim. please reply me

  • I have a good history of losing cell phones and lost many sets as below

    – 3310(thrown in water)
    – J200i(stolen in local transport)
    – 6630(stolen)
    – 6030(stolen from car)
    – 6030(stolen from car’s dashboard)
    – 6030(only phone not stolen)
    – N95 8GB ( would definitely not want it stolen)

    But you know what if govt and/or telecom companies want they can develop stolen phone tracing systems very easily. Instead of blocking the phone, when ever a phone is activated with a new SIM and they have stolen complaint of that particular cell phone (IMEI), they can go after the phone. There are applications, if authorized, they tell you exact location, and your distance from the phone by calculating the phones exact location by signal strength level of that phone reaching to 2 to 3 nearest GSM phone towers.

    I know it would be hard, but if police do it for some of the phones for sometime, the theft will definitely be decreased significantly.

  • Saba

    Lost my 3 year old cellphone today some b**** in the market took it from my purse. I dont care about the cell but I had my some memorable pics and very old contacts in it. I pray that people like these should die a death that none of their body parts are left to bury. They dont have any humanity left in them and the girl who took it belonged to a well off family, i remember her face now. When their brothers and family members die in some bomb blast or accident then they blame God ‘what did we do.. why did we get this punishment’… all are hypocrate bas****.

    I registered a complain at CPLC today dont know if i will get it back. :( want my cell back so badly

  • luqmi

    i can’t think that I’ve lost my NOkia 1208. Mob. is not important for me but some data and sim is very important and not one sim there is 2 sim one is jazz other is warid that always online.
    i can’t forget those 2 boys, hey are young/very bad.These are youth of pakistan

  • h4v0c-

    just for your information!!

    our agencies got mobile tracking system
    specifically I$I!

    but they arent using for stolen mobile recovery.lol

    if you have contacts with someone in agency, you can get their help in recovering your mobile.

    good luck :)

  • a m malik

    I think a software/device should be availble that
    a. Block the use of mobile that cannot be broken no matter how hard one tries. Perhaps it is in the interest of the mob companies because new sims are purchased and many new subscribers come in their folds
    b. Insert the same software/system which can store GRPS ie position locator as is being used by the vehicle tracking companies. The thief/snatcher can be tracked within a distance of meter and a half – it is so deadly accurate.
    regards: (my email is [email protected])

  • omer

    yar mera mobile nokia n73 music edition kal chori ho gya hay kya koi help kar sakta hay usay trace out karnay may

  • huxain

    yr mera n95 8gb gum gya hai. i dont really know which motherfucker picked it up. butt i just remember that i was in a market and it fell down and when i looked back there was fuck nuthing:(

  • Shahzad

    My nokia n900 was stolen at gun point in cantt, i dont have the imei number, any way to track that mobile ?it had ufone sim in it at that time. ufone not providing the imei #. any suggestions how to recover imei # and mobile?

  • qamar ali

    my mobile phone (e71 nokia) was stolen a week a go plz anyone help me to trace my phone i have also complaint in the police but they do nothing i have the pack and other accessories of that mobile kindly help me

  • Haroon Elahi

    1 hafta pahly kisee ny chori kar lia tha
    mug ko bohat bohat afsoos ho raha ha
    mairy pass us set ka poora saman waranty card and box tak ha bas set nai ha

    koi maire help kar sakta ha set trace karny main bhi?

    Contact No.0313-4451614

  • Haroon Elahi

    Mera New Mobile Nokia X2-02 1 hafta pahly kisee ny chori kar lia tha.
    mujko bohat bohat afsoos ho raha ha
    mairy pass us set ka poora saman waranty card and box tak ha bas set nai ha.

    koi meri help kar sakta ha set trace karny main bhai?

    Contact NO. 0313-4451614

  • Erum

    I have QMobile, I have activated its Mobile Tracker. I remember the pin but when ever i enter it it isnt unlocking. What to do!

    This is a big issue i have to exchange my cell with some1 but how will t work if my sim is taken out.

  • Muhammad Bilal

    Dear my samsung Glaxy Y MObile is stolen before eid any one give me any suggestion to back mobile …..:(