• Usman

    Nice info….Keep it up

  • Abubakar Riaz

    writer, i am very eager to know the actions against piracy and illegal torrents downloaded in PAKISTAN, what is the plenty and charges,,, or police kush krti b hy k nae…. coz i dont think so…right!

    • There are very strict actions against piracy worldwide, but in Pakistan iam not sure a single piracy event was handelled by police which involved torrents. There some other matters regarding piracy, well managed by FIA like we covered take down of Mag4You

      But Worldwide there are many examples where even police raided datacenters, owners arrested and whole setup was closed down, but in Pakistan i dont think so we can pay heed to this case at the moment, because we have alot other crisis to fight with..

  • lifetyle

    Very nice Article but

    Please define us Why torrent Download speed is very slow????

    • Well torrent download speed is actually slow here in Pakistan beacuse most of the ports are blocked and tracker tries to refresha nd finds out another one so it remains busy most of the time, plus it also matters on quality and region of seeders, like you get download speed in MBs if you download anything from IPTorrents and some other quality sites, because in this case they seed for you from servers not from local ISPs at home.
      Have a look at screenshot of uTorrent speed, i am getting from IPTorrents

      Now plz do not ask me to give an invite to IPTorrents because that is a Payed Registeration Site :D

      • عثمان

        What a speed. plz tell, which dsl provider you use, and ur connection speed.

  • Saqib Qureshi

    i would add one question more with lifestyle question that when torrent is being downloading why the single page Couldn’t be open even u are using DSL too?

    • That is not the case with Torrents, same happens if you direct download anything at full speed. Here i would like to share my experience, You get an avg of 100KBPS download @ 1MB connection.
      I myself have checked that at PTCL broadband if you limit the download speed for torrent to someweaht, say 50KBPS, so half of your internet speed goes for download while half is free and you can easily surf. While at LDN(Link dot Net) even if you are at 4MB connection, and you have limited the torrent download speed to 50KBPS, while an avergae of 350 KBPS is still free but you are unable to open a single site.
      This may be becuase of some port busy problems at LDN but i assure this is not the case in PTCL Broadband.
      And obviously if you are downloading something then browsing speed would go down becuase downloading gets more priority as compared to browsing because speed thrusts make them suck the surfing. :D

  • Brr

    Good One!

  • Azhar

    For u people Torrentz are new ,its a Old phenomenon, Grow up Kids

    • We didn’t LAUNCH anything new about torrents, it is for those who don’t know at the moment.
      If you know that is well and good.
      Be Happy :)

  • Fawaz

    Good Work.I am using torrents for over 2 years.remember if you use torrent first download a good anti-virus program.

  • Murtaza

    Torrents are not illegal, all the time. So don’t make stuff up dude. What if I download the latest Fedora distro?

    • Wait for the next version of series – Part 2.
      You will get your answer.
      As i already mentioned one can never cover each and every aspect in one article.
      So be calm :)

  • Saqib Qureshi

    unknown Writer. Sorry i would denied your perception that if u are using PTCL broadband you can’t face Browsing Problem with downloading torrent. i am using PTCL boradband and i have this problem…………..?

    • May be, but i mentioned as per my experience and a small survey among friends, moreover you may be surfing while torrent is downloading at full speed, then you have to face the slow surfing. its simple :)

  • y didnt u tell us ur name :)

    nice shearing

    • Not a special reason behind this, but somethings are better to be kept secret.. :D

  • I am not in favor to use Torrent .. they bring most of the authentic mess with the authentic data .

    • I am !!
      You know why ?
      Windows – all of us using would have been full of bugs and erros if we hadn’t got it from torrent.
      Moreover i dont like to pay for something when i get it free of cost :D
      thats why i love torrents.
      I dont know why you are not in favor but hopefully soon you will become fan of torretns when you will be entertained by them :D

  • dear brothers i am using torrent service from last 2 years that is very good service through torrent you download everything with crack.

  • Anonymous

    I use both rapidshare and torrent but I love RS more than Torrent.

  • Usman

    well thnx 4 sharing..
    the torrents have only one thing best
    you can download leaked version of microsoft ,apple mac. linux softwares..like windows 7 is available on some torrent sites n release date of windows 7 is 22 oct 2009.but thses leaked versions may have some problems like thay are beta or there is sumthing change btween the original version of that software..but overall thay are correct and leaked by these companies or by their employers..
    now a days microsoft have serious concerned about their leaked version of windows 7..but now its out of time..windows xp sp3 leaked on some torrent sites before microsoft launched.
    frm my point of view somehow they are not legal..but not 100% illegal..

  • Usman

    same thing apllies on movies , games n application software..illegal recording of movies available on torrent sites..the full version of pc,xbox and playstation are available..softwares with cracks and full n final versions are available on most torrent sites..n also the porn content not commonly but on many of torrent sites.

  • Not all torrents are illegal. An example is the soundtrack for the game World of Goo. It was released by the games creators. Just like any other service torrents can be used to serve legitmate purposes.
    Besides that, good article.

  • mohsin

    guys i am facin a big prob in my linkdotnet dsl i am using 1mb connection but i receve torrent speed about only 4 to 8 kbps is der any way i can increase speed n got wat i derserve in 1mb earlier i waz a connect user 512kpbs connection….. used to get abt 40kpbs in torent plx help me …. how can i manage the things on torrent

  • to get more tips tricks and answers to your questions over torrents and other file sharing websites go to kload.cphoster.com just post your question and you’ll get your answer

  • DON

    i m not able to download torrents in my university,is there any solution ?