• Shaharyar K Kureshi

    great service for free… thnx MobiTweet

  • Nouman

    i got myself registered, but not been able to utilire this service :S, send message twice for status update, but it didn’t appear on facebook

  • Nouman

    i got myself registered, but not been able to utilise this service :S, sent message twice for status update, but it didn’t appear on facebook

  • its better to use Ufone SMS buddies…. thats too cheap enough

    • Pai why to use non free services when free services are present like this and like chopaal?

  • Naseer Haider

    Well ,seems great application for Fb.Although Officially Zong and Telenor are supported by Facebook for SMS service but Ufone subscriber can get Facebook Notification Alerts on their mobiles by just using following application.


    Ufone sms buddy is among the few mobile social networking services (infect it was first social network service ,if I can remember correctly )in Pakistan but it never got very popular .

  • Naushad Sami

    yar Facebook waali sms service aur mobi2weet service mein difference konsa hai aur zyada achhi service kiski hai???

    • Originative

      Facebook is far better than mobitweet, mobitweet will take some time … but facebook service is for Telenor and zong… i just turned it off tooooo much msgs…


    I am using mobi2weet, it is far better than the applications being provided by telcos and free too. They are improving their service day by day, i get instantaneous updates and can update my status instantaneously too. Thanx mobi2weet!

    • mobi2weet

      You’re most welcome, Farhan!! :)

      Spread the word and keep mobi2weeting!

  • very good news dear…

    thanx all propakistani team…

    keep it up !

    • mobi2weet

      Do try it out, and let us know how it goes :)

  • Naushad Sami

    sh!t i registered for mobi2weet but i saw that was not a good service i just turned it off but after this i m not getting any updates from Facebook text service can anybody tell me what to do now???

  • its interesting… i am using it.. but it has some bugs…

    • mobi2weet

      Do let us know which bugs you’re coming across, we’ll have them fixed! :)

  • mobi2weet
    • Naushad Sami

      can u plz tell me about my problem??

      • mobi2weet

        Hi Naushad,

        You have just sent 2 msgs to mobi2weet i.e. cmd and fboff.
        You haven’t yet turned your friend’s notifications on.
        To use our service fully, use the following commands :
        First of all, if you wish to update your facebook status use ‘fb message’ eg. fb I am using mobi2weet.

        You can receive your friends status updates by turning their notifications on. Either just visit the website http://login.mobi2weet.com/
        or the facebook app and turn them on from there. You can also tag your friends (assign them nicknames) for future ease in use.

        To tag a friend through sms, use ‘fbtag @Freind Name @tag’
        eg. fbtag @Imran Amjad @imran
        Then to write on his wall use ‘fbd tag message’ eg. fbd imran Hi Imran, how are you?

        You can see a list of commands on our websites.
        Do try them out and let us know if you face any problems.
        Happy mobi2weeting!

  • haider

    i haven’t received my pin on my phone :S what should i do ???? i resented it but not received

    • mobi2weet

      Haider, mobi2weet was down for a while yesterday, have you received your pin code now? If you still haven’t, do try again, you’ll receive it within a minute.

      • haider

        thanks a lot i have received it…and its awesome

  • Daniyal Yasin

    I cant figure it how to comment on my own and friends statuses. the command is like fbc code message what is “code”?????

    • mobi2weet

      Daniyal, there was a problem in sending the codes … it has been fixed, do give it a shot again.

  • Thanks for this nice service propakistan team

  • shahid

    wow… thanx 2 propakistani team for telling me a great application.i really love it.keep rocking propakistani team.

  • faizan

    the application on facebook is not oppening just coonecting but its no opening seems

  • Afrin

    I am unable to receive the pin code on my cell. I have tried alot but invain!

  • ITMinister

    No need to worry now…because chOpaal is going to be connected with facebook and twitter soon…
    So be connected with chOpaal….

  • Ghazanfar

    Is the service no longer available?

    Error while loading page from mobi2weet
    Empty response received.”