• Jamshed

    One of the best read !!!

  • kamran

    i totally agree with u. in some cases things are more worst than what have u mentioned . i am working in ZONG call center and not a getting a single that u mentioned under the head THINGS THAT CALL CENTER AGENT SHOULD GET .not only this we are also deprived of things that are our right. for example we are not given a single peny for working on public holidays. still getting an off in ZONG even for medical reasons is an uphill task. we working in 9 hour shift and are given off after 6 days which is toughest because other call centers are getting atleast two weekly offs.on other hand our supervisors and managers are getting two weekly offs.

  • Mustafa

    Ooops zong!

  • Hammer man

    lol yeh sari services, i.e. :

    * Healthy Working Environment.
    * High & Equally Reward structure.
    * Fitness Assessments and fitness clubs.
    * Health recreational centers.
    * Transparent incentive and reward policies.
    * Flexible working hours.
    * Especial trainings for night shift call
    center agents.
    * Periodically checkups of ENT.
    * Flexible office infrastructure.
    * Promotion channels & highly self motivated
    schemes for call center agents.
    * Giveaways programmes and call center agents
    personal brandings.

    call centers nay provide karni shuru kardeen tau phir csrs ko har mahenay kay end mei adhi(1/2) salary bhi apnay respective call center ko he donate karni paraygi =)

    call center hay koi Multinational company thori :s

    personal note to brother kamran : even ptcl only gives 1 day off after 6 days of work as per my knowledge.
    (not to forget the fact that PTCL’s call center is outsourced)

    But I do agree that a company like Zong should give you atleast some fringe benefits because my comments above were for not meant for Call Centers owned by reputed companies like Zong, Telenor, Warid etc.

  • Arsalan Aamer

    Friends .. Both of u people are just what is right!Iam up there with you .. Being a Call Center Agent of Telenor. I can understand all the problems and crocodiles of the Mission towards death of an Agent is simply just not as simple ..
    Social network of an agent gets Fucked from back side and upside both … The Problem is not that agent cant handle the pressure the Problem in call center is that they dont have Flexibility even if the agents are in problems .

    The Best thing is to get something out of nothing then move from this Hell thats it … and it will gonna work ..

    Look For Better Things !

    Stay Safe ..

    Customer Relation Officer
    Telenor – Operations
    TRG – Pakistan
    [email protected]

  • I am not agreed with you all. There is no chance for fresh graduates to earn money through the call centers. after getting the degree of graduation no one say he is now secure even calls centers are can not fill up the unemployment. Fresh graduates are behind the wall rather old graduates are facing such type of problem.

  • Awesome. Thanks for typing this. Its always great to see someone give back to the interet.

  • Mikee M.

    Do you have any study or was there any documentation on proving those aforementioned health risks?