• I agree, Wateen management is awful.

    Unfortunately i am user of wateen :(

    Their only focus to increase sales not to maintain existing customers.

    They are improving by the passage of time but still there are still many holes.

    • well all the telecom companies are focusing on new sale, they just dont care about their existing customers and after sale services..

  • Abdullah Ali

    hehehehe… its from many days… i saw it 2 weeks ago… i thought that my its my internet problem.. thanx for propakistani that they inform us… otherwise i may continue curse my net povider.

  • Adam Ali

    And its fixed now … :D

    • admin

      not on our side : – ?

    • Kamran Bukhari

      Haha.. Adam you must be joking!!! They are not fast enough!!! We waited a lot of days to give them time before posting this one :)

      • Imran

        to ye Update post kerny se pehle “ANNAY” hoe hoe thay ? tab nahi pata tha ye browser issue hai ya site se problem ?

        bas koi cheez honi chhaye aur kahani likh do..chahy ghalt hi likho

  • azhar

    you know people??? when so one do like this laziness it,s mean that company or that person is not sincere with his work and going to demarcate soon!! and wateen going tooo ;-)

  • Abdul Khalique

    I just opened wateen site and I can still see this fault there. you’ll need to click on the logo to enter their site while numeric url is also being shown there.

    when Wateen team will get notice ????

  • Zee

    There must be some problem with your internet connection, or web browser cause I am able to see complete page whenever i visit.

  • admin
  • [email protected]

    i was thinking that fault is in my connection.

  • M H Babar

    page is opened properly, i believe propakistani is not going to publish any un-authentic news as always… either wateen fixed it now or …. but there web page is working fine now.

  • I think they have used the wrong page to display :/
    This is the real one i think


    Still that is their laziness towards their services.They don’t even bother to visit their own site.

  • Ahmad

    simple is that :
    Does not open properly in firefox
    use internet explorer to see whole page

  • @writer: :| I think your addons for the browser are not upto date coz is opening pretty fine…I googled opened up the page it was fine nothing missing and also by typing http://www.wateen.com...

  • M H Babar

    Ahmad, u r right, its not workin in firefox, but fine through IE

  • Sorry my bad forgot to mention opening in IE and all others as written in above post….I agree “Amazingly Awful” =)

  • wateen’s website is not browser friendly..it only work in IE.
    I tested it in

    -firefox 3.6.2

    and it is not working.

    Wateen should hire good staff to maintain its website

  • look, here on all these address wateen has different pages
    The Last one opens only through Internet Explorer….

    • M H Babar

      All links provided by you are working fine using IE…

  • Mushahid

    this is there site .. stop pushing some company image if they wont pay u

  • not working in my firefox 3.6. where is the flash movie?? :)

  • Wateen’s web guys should contact me and we can sort out an outsource deal :P


  • Ali

    Wateen is going down; they have the worst network engineers in business today. They cant keep the network running smoothly for even one week.

  • amir

    wateen has got worst website. You can not even reach to your account easily.