• Unis Khan

    pictures don’t bring the same feeling and experience you get with actual street view! It’s just not the same………..

  • shahzad

    this photo feature is there for month now … I guess ….. also your screen shots looks bit older … now there is video option too :-)

    • Yes bit older.. they were taken last night.. :p

      Video (YouTube) layer is only available in Google Earth, not in maps.

      • shahzad

        may be in Pakistan you do not see this but when I go to http://maps.google.com and click on the “More” to get the drop down mneu (the one you showed in your first image) I see that there are
        Real estate

        So thats why I was saying your screen shots are older …… but may be google not offer every thing in Pakistan :-)

        • Yes that’s true. Not every service is available for every country.

          • By the way, many services are domain dependent as well due to service policies and terms of Google. You can still see videos layer for whole world including Pakistan from .com or .co.uk domains.

  • Moh

    Can we see street view of Pakistan?If yes tell me how.

  • niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • anila aslam

    street view works for Lahore or any other major city in Pakistan?

  • I wonder it is old concept! because Google Maps already showing street views and now they showing User Images so it is not bad thing to innovate

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