• Adnan


  • Google (courtesy of Badar Khushnood) requested the Google Places team to have this bug fixed – now the listing does show “Muslim” in the address field


  • waqas Tahir

    really why these services are free why i host my personal data of googles servers
    Kindly use this services carefully

    • How business information is personal?

      • ahsan

        lol :S

  • I think its good move by the Google.

  • khan

    yeah its a miracle for us pakistanies to get a service like this thank God and thank Google!

  • salman

    appreciating step by Google for Pakistan!! Well done Google ~!!

  • google places for free

    man some awesome tech..and its free advertisement (well sort of)/// atleast some one thought of its services in pakistan!!!

    DESPERATE FOR 3.5G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great new feature. Google is always number one in the IT Industry to bring the innovation.

  • em SEO in private firm today i submitted my website on google places, Google accepted my site but when i review my site in google places google say,
    “we currently not providing this service in this area”

  • i love pakistani artist

  • yasir

    Looks fantastic

  • kbi

    my pin code never arrived please guys tell me what to do as I have email to google but no reply from them… kindly help