Oct 5, 2011


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  • Imran Shah

    Woahh Killer hardware man….1080p video Sounds Nice…Apple FTW!

    • milkywayer

      Just so you know. Samsung Galaxy SII had 1080p video 3 months ago :) and pretty much same or better hardware (assuming the iphone4s has same 512mb ram as the iphone4. which is way less than the sgs2)

      • wajdan ali

        did u find any iphone app like “siri” in Samsung Galaxy SII????????????

        • M.ALI HASSAN

          Yes,glaxy contain “siri”…

          • Malik Ijlal

            yup u r right

            • tirmizi

              SII does not contain siri, it may have a voice recognition tech bt its nowhere near the likes of Siri. Apple ftw.

              Although apple has dissapointed by not releasing the iphone 5, it has redeemed itself by siri and the camera. ftr iphone’s camera is much better than sii’s, its not just a matter of mega pixels, the hardware it uses gives it a great edge over sii.

          • AMMO

            galaxy s2 don’t have siri … it has voice control same as like iphone had made earlier in iphone 3gs and iphone 4 …. so saying that samsung galaxy s2 have siri is rubbish …

          • M.sudais

            brother!iphone 4s can work in pakistan?take pakistan sim card when ulnlock with reble sim card.

  • Arslan

    Nice as expected

    • Ahmad

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      • saad

        I want to buy Iphone 4s ASAP but in Karachi..
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  • Abdul Basit

    If its price is 199$ then why it is not available in between Rs. 18000-20000 in Pakistan

    • Asim

      It’s when you buy it on a contract. i.e. you pay some amount (30-50$ per month depending on your package), then the price could be 199, 299 or 399 depending upon on your phone selection. The stand alone price for a factory unlocked iPhone 4S could be somewhere 550$.

      It’s a nice phone with outstanding features and hardware.

      • Arif Amir

        salam asim how r u ? who is given apple iphone 4s in 550 USD, you have, if yes please contact me at “[email protected]”. im waiting your reply

    • Shahid Saleem

      $199 on contract. No one offers contracts here.

  • waqas

    Expecting something innovative. Now I really feel Nokia N9 with Meego OS will be giving very tough compitition to iphone 4s.
    So Nokia is still a key player of in smartphone market. with upcoming N9, Ace WP7 and at low end smartphones with symbian Belle

  • waqar

    Disappointing……….. only siri is something interesting though its nt a new concept but Apple took it to the next level …….overall i m happy with my HTC Sensation

    • Shahid Saleem

      Disappointing? Why, what feature is it missing? Microwave oven?

      Seriously, I don’t understand why people are upset. It has what you need. What more do you want from a phone?

      • harry

        arey shahid uncle ye disappointing kahan hy.. wohi shape wohi screen wohi buttons, ye t0 mindblowing hy PERFECT UPGRADE ryt? bs her aik k0 r0k k batana parega k bhaii ye iphone4 nae ye iphone4s hy, mene purana 30 mey deke ye 65 ka naya lia hy shakal wohi hy ,, arey mere paas boht paisay hyn shakal se kya hua, purana walay jesa hy to kya hua kekekeke..iphone kisi dosray k0 pakratay wese b awam ki jan jati hy kisi k0 kya lagey undr kya hy, ziada pese b bhar0 or miley kya .. wohi saal purana design keke ,, hasii ati hy chawli0on per apki bhai jan (( ab ye mat kehna k a5 chip hy ipad ki speed hy 7x faster grafix hyn 8mp cam hy blah blah) jo mene kehna ta samaj agai hogi log0 ko ))

        • khan

          Haan ji bilkul, Logo ko batana pare ga. lekin kya ap phone logon k liye laite hain ya apne liye?
          Siri is out of the world thing. Any other smartphone that have siri and is a dual band phone? just mention one!! all are iphone haters…..

        • Hazel

          “bs her aik k0 r0k k batana parega k bhaii ye iphone4 nae ye iphone4s hy”
          Are u buying Iphone to show off and tell ppl u have latest 4s?
          Why dont u change it outer cover to chinese fancy that how ppl will know u have unique Iphone!

  • farrukh


  • Aman Pir

    Not impressed at all…samsung SII still the best until we see iphone 5

  • Khwaja Rehan

    Sounds good

    • http://www.google.com/ Maverick

      At last! Someone who uendrstndas! Thanks for posting!

  • nomi

    after one year what so special in Iphone 4S? 8 M Cam and Dual core processor this is the major change ?
    Galaxy S2 is already doing better job in same specs…

    • Umair

      Feel the difference !

    • http://cashmyfone.co.uk Syed Y Haider

      Haha you people don’t really have any idea how much this is better than Samsung Galaxy S II. If you guys do a little researching around the internet you wouldn’t be talking out of your ass. iPhone 4S has already been superior in performance against your beloved SII so stop bitching about it and get the fuck off !

      • Abdul Samad

        @ syed y haider now theres a person with with some brains! GO MANN!!!

        • SimS

          No thats a person with a big mouth! no need to use abusive language in public forum.

      • Amir

        Seriously man i’m so much with you on this one, Just because people can’t afford an iphone they bitch about it. We all know how much people love Iphone and especially 4s you just don’t get 4 million Products (4s) sold in 3 days and seriously galaxy s2 lol Samsung is samsung it can never be better than an iphone a common example why do some people still prefer nokia? because it’s damn cheaper and people like samsung because they’re providing you touch cellphones with great features for cheap but the real best quality of those features can only be found in Iphone and i cannot find people disagreeing with that…
        Another simple example people go buy PS3 rather than Xbox 360 why? because ps3 has free online play system where xbox requires payment for subscribing they’re Online play servies…
        Moral of this short story/argument(whatever u think it was ):
        Apple is way better than samsung.

        • khan

          hahaha… i think ur father has a lot of money thatswhy u are talking like that…if one company is providing same thing in good price so why would we waist our money? tell me now that what is the difference between iphone 4s and galaxy s2?i tell the difference is only price a 20000 difference..if u have a passion of waisting ur father so keep on…dont tell ur silly suggestion to people and u should use galaxy s2 and u will came to know that what realy it is..
          dont be status concious.mummy daddy guy.

  • http://www.prewant.com Ain

    nice to know.

  • Stone

    This version offers only a better processor and camera, rest is pretty much standard and like the Iphone 4. They do claim making more software calibrations but compared to the current market of cell phones, APple have taken a step in the wrong direction

  • Shoaib Afzal

    Apple is going to fall

    • waqas

      agreed and check below link N9 Meego rocks

      • Bilal

        yes agree meego rocks.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Half of their revenue recently was from iPhones. HALF. And their revenues are still going up and they are making lots of profit off every sold phone.

      Nokia on the other hand, is dying, plane and simple.

  • Faraz

    After a long wait and highly anticipated phone has nothing new just better camera n processor with same screen size and all that stuff i really prefer galasxys2 over iphone 4s.

  • Bilal

    dear writer please correct prices just dont copy and past. the prices you mentioned are for those who buy iphone with a contract. check this

    “The iPhone 4S pre-orders will start on October 7, while actual sales begin on October 14. Pricing on a two-year contract is $199,$299 and $399 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions, respectively. ” and about dual antenna it is not even mentioned anywhere in any post.

    check this:

  • http://www.alhijamah.com Abu Umer

    Its a good phone with some new upgradations than 4G.

    OS version is not written in the above article?
    Any IDEA?

    • admin

      iOS 5

  • kamran

    Can anybody tell me why it’s price is too high in pakistan while it is available in other countries for 199$.

    • Bilal

      because its available for contract in other countries but not in pakistan.

      • khan

        bro still in abroad u have to pay 8tousand a month for 18 months soo its expensive then pak
        in pak its mmuch cheaper

  • Shoaib Afzal

    Samsung is going to launch new Google phone on 11 oct

  • gagababa

    Samsung FTW. apple ratings has gone down. wat apple is releasing in the name of 4s is already made by samsung

  • whizKID

    funy how apple continued its tradition of just changing the name. Lmfao.

  • anas saleem

    first off Apple for the first time has gambled with the iphone franchise thou it seems as thou they had something bigger in mind but they ran into some hoops when cook left

    meego and ios well frankly speaking theres no comparision meego is a dead OS so theres no way hell that it posses a threat to Ios 5 which in terms of processing is way better and the application market is enormous

    i think upgrading the processor was only because they added Siri which needed the extra juice but would it be enough, my calculations say that either it would be a pathetic assistant or it would heat up the phone to the limits and beyond(60°) and if android files a suit against them for they were the pioneers in voice assistants apple is doomed

    8mp on a phone sounds kind of lame for other companies like samsung, htc, sharp and others are way above the mark plus they have face recognision, dual led flashs, special lens covers and so much more to offer but they might pull it off for they introduced some software changes that might give them a chance

    about the price well they never announced anything about the unlocked version so cant say but the tech gurus are saying that it would cost a fortune of about 700 dollars which in my opinion is a waste considering how many android sets u can get in the same or lesser price with extra to offer

    its a bit too early to say anything for sure lets keep our fingers crossed and w8 for 17oct

    btw for awl those who think apple is the best you better hold onto yr seats for samsung has an event comng up next tuesday and it might introduce the first ever handheld phone to run icecream sandwich

    • Bilal Bajwa

      Siri was introduced on iphone, early 2010. :$

  • mohsin

    oh i love iphone but i cant afford it.
    it is too expensive in pakistan as compare to other countries.

  • mohsin

    199 $ equals to 17309 pkr. (16 gb)
    299 $ equals to 26007 pkr. (32 gb)
    399 $ equals to 34705 pkr. (64 gb)

    pakistan se zinda bhag.

    • Farooq

      Dear Mohsin

      You have NO idea about the prices of these phones. So Just don’t comment
      These low prices are with Two years NEW contracts in the USA and the price of Unlocked units start at 700 US Dollars.

      Do your maths first and then comment on Pakistan.

      PS: I am working in Manhattan so i had the chance to visit apple stores and get all details by me self

      • ARSALAN

        THE 16GB PRICE IS 649 DOLLARS NOT 700

        • YesBoss

          @Arsalan Add taxes to 649.00

      • Syed hussnain ali

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  • Raza

    from where i can pre-order it

    • Bilal Bajwa

      United States of America :)

  • Bilal Bajwa

    ok not really impressing up-gradation by apple. gona miss steve job’s innovations :(
    apparently, the upgrade of the 3G->3GS two years ago, was 10 times more powerful/useful/fun than 4->4S. but still i’ll move towards iphone4s sooner or later.
    oh yeah, Now a days! Apple Runs Smartphone’s WORLD ;)
    and for those who think Apple’s market share gone down due to release of 4s ?
    u guys must be kidding me, Apple’s market share was down because of Steve Jobs And His Apple Resignation, btw if u take a deep look, apple has almost recovered today, take a look

  • Rafay

    The actual price will be arnd 500£ i.e 70k approx For 16GB FU model internationally. So dont expect it to be cheaper here and plz admin/author dont do copy paste n do research.

  • Ammad

    SAMSUNG GALAXY SII still more better option than iphone 4S.

  • Wiki

    So, here’s the deal AT&T has seen extraordinary demand for iPhone 4S with more than 200,000 preorders in the first 12 hours alone, the most successful iPhone launch we’ve ever had.


    Now stop Samsung Google bulshit

  • Rizwan Mughal

    Price of iPhone 4S is around $499. It is mentioned on their website.

  • sami shaikh

    if ifone 4s is of 200 dollar than i want tu buy it

    • w.kkk

      i need i phone 4s plz any one have a good condition tell me

  • abdul khaliq
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  • Farooq

    I will be returning to Pakistan on December 26th. If any body is interested here i might bring one or two sets with me.

    PS: I personally prefer and use Android based phones :-)

  • amjad

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  • Umair Aslam

    Is Apple iPhone 4S is available to buy in Pakistan?



      it will b available in november..2011

  • khurram shahzad

    bakwas mob hai yar very bad phone

  • farhan

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  • Usman
    • Abdul Samad

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  • http://ontimetravel.co.uk/ Hennary

    The new iPhone is launched and it will be readily available in Pakistan. I think that this new Product should be dedicated to the founder of the Company Steve Jobs for his matchless services for the development of Technology.

  • Amaan

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