• God Bless His Family. We Love You Steve Jobs. We Never Forget You.

  • ahsan

    Truly despise apple but am saddened by the death of this genius man …

  • Rehan Ahmad

    He is a Great Tech Giant and we never forget him.

  • Mujtaba Mehmood

    Definitely, We have lost a Gem.
    End of an Era: The master of sleek gadgets, a visionary creative genius, He slept on floor in friends’ rooms, collected Coke bottles for food, got meals from temple. Even as a CEO of APPLE he earned $1 / year.

  • I don’t believe this… He recently left CEO’s position at apple and passed away. I am very sorry that I can’t pray for him to go in paradise but I have to admit that he is a great innovator and business man of current age.

  • atif

    This is a sad day as he was no doubt a brilliant guy… he had the vision and passion to go after it… rest in peace

  • He was the biggest innovator of present time. I am saddened by his departure. Apple may not be the same again.

  • Hearfelt tribute to a real legend Steve Jobs, a magnificent person with outstanding qualities- classic example of a self made personality by sheer hard work with brilliance in taking APPLE to height of Zenith. May God givr solace to his family, friends, admirers and lacs of Fans and HIS SOUL rest in Peace.


  • Asif

    Very saddened by Steven’s death. A legend.

    Though thankfully Bill Gates (the living legend) is still alive.

  • hellodrsoul

    I am sad with the core of my heart. He was a brave intelligent legend who worked for his entire life to change the world. He was a great source of motivation for me and ll remain as such even after his death. What I have learnt from his life is never bow to challenges, never get discouraged from up and downs of life, just head to your destiny and love your work. Believe me people, not only his products are my dependencies, but study of his life has transformed me completely. God bless your family and company great Steve…

  • whizKID

    thats how to live life. He is first on the list of people who inspire me.

  • Shahid Saleem

    — It consists of little more than a circuit board and costs just under 0.


  • Asim

    Steve Jobs was a college dropout like Bill Gates but what a genius! He created the world’s top computing products including Macintosh, iPhone, and iPAD.

    I first used a Macintosh in 1988 during my days at Stanford University.

    Below is the link to Job’s commencement address at Stanford University in 2005:


    I only wish that he was more philanthropic like Billy gates. Bill Gates has invested billions of dollars in Gates Foundation which donates to causes such as healthcare and poverty reduction. Jobs was worth $8.3 billion but all that wealth will only go to his family and none to any philanthropic causes. May his soul rest in peace.

    Stanford 92

  • Imran Shah

    Will miss him :( MAY Allah bless his family!

  • Naveed Rehman

    I am deeply sad since tomorrow The Man who change our lives and the way we think the technologies we see today is no more with us

    Thank you Steve Jobs
    Naveed Rehman

  • Thank you every one. I’m so touched and moved by your words. I will be visiting pakistan shortly in december, at that time let’s discuss in more detail

  • Masood Ahmed Junejo

    i am a land and topografic surveyor 30year experience in filld work

  • waheed


  • Talk about technology talk about steve.

    Condolence to his family and the lovers of steve.

  • Hassan Nasir

    Thank you Steve jobs for every enhancement to the technology…