• These kinds of offers always make me want to stop using a product. Why do all the people who stop using it, or don’t pay up on time, get incentive?
    What about loyal users who are regularly using the product for years and paying all dues on time? *sigh*

    I want to rant some more on it, but unfortunately I am short on time right now, maybe some other time :)

  • Service of PTCL is too much poor that’s why they loss his Loyal customers now 70% of EVO customers are off his devices and convert into other company in that time this offer is “BAKWAS”

  • not worthy

  • Lame offer

  • maqbool a. soomro

    Service of PTCL is very poor……….. entire net works put in gambling nothing else………..and we are waiting our parent’s money ?????????

  • I like it