• This just how out of touch politicians are. The funniest and ironic part is that the author of the SOPA bill — Lamar Smith’s own website infringes on the copyright of a photographer. Google Lamar Smith copyright infringement !! He should lock himself in Jail which is what he wants to do to others. The constitution says Congress is only supposed to give copyrights to promote the Arts and Sciences. That too for a limited time! If it doesn’t do that it’s unconstitutional!

  • Aamir Bhai – hide this article – I’m sure this might put an idea in head of our current govt’s economist and they will find a new way!

    #Rehman malik ;)

    • A for Apple

      lol… good one and very true, even if US backoff from this – RM will continue with his everlasting and evergreen nonsense.

  • Faisal Raza

    hahah in Pakistan they will apply this bill prior to US by saying this, it is necessary to apply this bill to save JAMHORIYAT. hahah

  • Xahid

    Scumbag Americans !
    always criticize about Iran and Chine for their firewall and their laws of internet, Introducing SOPA !
    ROFL :D

    • Shahid Saleem

      Why blame them? It shows that politicians are the same everywhere: working for people who have money (hollywood in this case).

      And there is a big difference between china’s firewall and disabling sites that have pirated movies.

      • Xahid

        if you think SOPA is just about pirated movies web sites, then you know nothing about SOPA at all!

        • Shahid Saleem

          Whatever, man it is not anything like a stupid firewall preventing people from reading things the government does not want people to read.

          • Xahid

            Just as I thought, you know nothing about SOPA!
            so educate yourself …


            • Shahid Saleem

              Like I said, whatever. A firewall is not anything like SOPA because a firewall doesn’t go and delete your DNS entries.

  • zain

    this is an opportunity for Pakistan
    these companies should come to Pakistan and operate from here

    • Xahid

      they still need electricity for 24/7 work, unfortunately, that’s not the case in Pakistan!

      • Vicky

        HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH ,, nice one bruv :D

    • Vicky

      agreed !! :D

  • zain

    if our govt. would have tried to do the same everyone would have shouted . and then a never ending debate on democracy would have started.
    everyone would have been insulting and abusing politicians

  • zain

    look like its time to download as much as you can specially from torrents werna … pachtana parhay ga.

  • kashif

    this article is written by person who support censorship in pakistan by banning porn #ironic

  • shaxeb

    Implicating SOPA wil definitely limit spaces , then world would be no longer Global village !!

  • dont you think this is good.. we got opportunity to over take those popular US based websites

    time to make more money ;)

  • Govt who takes control over internet with SOPA will be God of internet.

    • There will be no internet if this bill passes :)…It will trigger a chain reaction causing every thing to shut-down on Auto !!
      I am amazed how those amriky senators think of it ..I thought Such dumb Politicians are exclusively available here only :)

  • M. Faraz
  • what a SOPA

  • I hope this bill doesnt Pass.. Internet will be a boring place .. :)

  • یار اس کام کی پوسٹ کی اردو بھی کر دو
    تاکہ میں بھی پڑھ لوں

  • What is the last date of this bill to be approved or disapprove

    • Xahid

      its delayed to Feb

  • well it should not be happened, i am also against sopa and pipa, and i have down my site to protest against sopa and pipa.

    • Shahid Saleem

      You, taking down your site, has had zero effect on SOPA. Unless you have a large number of American visitors, who are willing to call their elected officials.

  • jameel

    MONEY makes MANY ….people are prooving it once again ….they are punishing whole humanity by doing this ..for only tht thy hav to be comfortable on their CADILLAC….

  • Ovais

    Who said Mozilla is also blacking out?

  • I am against sopa and pipa..

  • SOPA In Back word

  • I am still not understand what is SOPA

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