Mar 6, 2012

  • dinga

    This is old news. By the way, the website layout needs some serious re-engineering.

  • Billabadmash

    He is my fav tv anchor

  • http://www.economyage.com Ali Ahmad

    Indeed an industry – Welcome Talat

  • akakakka

    LPC zoy…
    Tum whi ho na jo kehtay ho k media fahashi nae phela rahi…

  • ITPro

    “This is probably the best time for journalists to have their own blogs/news websites (just like ours). This way they can not only have a boss-less job but can work independently and of course un-biasedly in viable manner. Such projects can make good money as well, given the trend is not followed by every journalist/TV anchor to ultimately saturate the market.”

    sorry to say but most of journalists dont seem unbiased… they can easily exploit the masses through the external funding …

  • http://paktts.blogspot.com Hammad

    One of the most credible journalist we ve…

  • http://www.facebook.com/shahid.hameed.334 Shahid Hameed

    we do have hundreds of thousands illegal vote of Afghans in our voter list ,illegal pakistani ID card holder Afghans has been taking part in Local govt, election, and they been elected in local govt. election ,election commission of Pakistan never took any action against illegal vote of Afghans and never took any action against Afghan elected consulars,why action against Pakistani only.Law should be for ALL.