• Saeed

    Yahi taxes lagaon kay tu jaibbbbbb tu bare ge na.

    har saal earn alots of revenue but still increasing taxes etc.

    Aur sath sath services tu aise kay DIL JOOOOM JAEN.

    • kam

      sab se zyda service charges telenor k hain.

  • Azi

    har chez pay charges hum sy laty han tu profit tu ho ga he

    • Shahid Saleem

      all telcom companies give 1.5% of the revenue (not profit) to the USF. More money for companies = more money for USF.

  • Congratulations Telenor Pakistan.
    Telenor Rocks
    We Love You Telenor.

  • so should we relate this increase in revenue with Best services. If yes then its good.

  • Suchmuch

    Admin, It’s accumulative of easy paisa as well or not?

    • admin

      Yes, easypaisa revenues are included. All non-mobile revenues were NOK 105 or PKR 1.65 billion.

  • Sleepless

    Shame Warid doesnt announce the same…

  • Telenor Rocx…

  • kami

    cheaters telenor

    • yes


    • Shahid Saleem

      Cheating who? People use it voluntarily or not at all.