• RiK

    Saeen Ka kamal he bhai!!!

  • Correction: Ali Gul Pir got fame from “Waderai Ka Beta” NOT “Saeen Ka Beta” Two many different things. :)

  • zia meer

    faisal’s creativity makes this song more fantastic…

  • Monster

    Saeen to Saeen , Saeen Ka Fone bhi Saeen ..;-)

  • Farrukh

    2.5 million viewsr on all major web portals in less than a week, claims Ufone.

    I doubt accurate view count. its too much exaggerated. Since Youtube is blocked, Facebook videos does not a count. do the math!

    • Gulnaz

      Mr. Farrukh the person who posts the video on facebook can view the exact figure so the math is not required here

  • Asad

    I didn’t like it at all. No quality of humour & what the hell was that at 2:31????

  • Gulnaz

    Another awesome job by Ufone!! in the present time when people are surrounded by tense working environments, news anchors making people fight this is a good initiative to motivate people about one game they all love and are united for, Such positive efforts will surely playing a positive role.

    • Asad

      Apni Video ki khud hi tareef. Apne mun mian mitthu :P

      • Gulsher Khan

        Wah ge gulnaz madam ufone main hote heen waise aap ko kise pata laga asad bahi …

        • Rabia

          Kyun k Asad bhai ko positive cheezon say chir hai lagta hai mobilink mein hotay hain

          • Asad

            lolzzzzzz… koi haal nai g ap sab ka :D. I am not in mobilink, meri to sabzi ki shop hai itwar bazar mei

            • Rabia

              ohh never knew people in Itwar bazar have so much time to spend on the telecom blogs

            • aamir7

              Aluu kitnay k hain aj kal :P

              • Asad

                I was expecting you Sir :D…
                Prices are updated on my website, you can order online

                • Bashir Dana Wala

                  good point aamir bahi ;) he must start website and start home delivery ;) acha business chalay ga ….

  • Saeen

    Good video, Good theme and Mast Ad overall.. :)

  • Farkhanda Shaheen

    Saaen ke competitors bhee Saaen …. Hahahahah ;)

  • MMMTheHacker

    Enough ProPakistani.No more Youtube.This is a warning to the admin.If you guys will post youtube videos then on the end of that post you will have to write that “I am not a Muslim”.I am serious.

    • HolierThanThough

      So you are not a muslim… doesn’t matter at all. As Muslims we are supposed to love all beings. But please get an education and a life.

      • MMMTheHacker

        I knew it.And using facebook is good??? Huh.
        Don’t be Aamir liaquat

        • HolierThanThough

          Wah! you have already declared yourself as illiterate and a Non-Muslim, why do you keep making fun of your ownself.

          • MMMTheHacker

            Maybe you want to get HACKED.

            • HolierThanThough

              Yes… i want to get hacked if theres a Shariah compliant way. Hahaha… illegal kaam kartay ho aur dosron ko Non-Muslim kehtay ho… and btw hacking equals blasphemy.
              Your just an illiterate script kiddie looking for attention. Jews/Christians are better than you pigs that put a bad name to Islam by calling themselves muslims.

              For putting Islams name in a negative Image your path has been established straight to hell.

    • Haider

      come on Child ! Video is on facebook . And thank you very much we already have enough “Alams ” to declare each other “Kafir” .

  • Haris

    Yeh Blog b Saeein .. Howwxxxaatttt :P ????

  • shehryarali

    wow, what a awesome song by ufone, keep it up guys ……………