• Monster

    Thumbs up for Windows XP :-D

    • I’m afraid you are living in a cave. :P

      • Sohail Sadiq

        LOL :D there were caves in 21st century ???

  • Kamran Khan Mohmand

    so it means we should upgrade to win 8 thanks for the research and recommendation, now i will upgrade.

  • sohaib17

    Now this is pathetic, don’t copy paste other’s content as yours. Admin please verify such posts before sharing

    • People like you always keep trying to find an excuse to make a complaint.

      • Concerned person

        He has a valid concern and you are just ignorant, what would be your reaction if someone stole your several hours worth of hardwork and didn’t even give credit?

        The pictures are taken from techspot’s post and the only thing different is the text. (TechSpot gives much more information)

        You can easily use Google to find the original blogger.

        • aamir7

          Sorry for the instance. This was a guest post and escaped a check. Our mistake. We have added linkback to TechSpot — where this was first published.

          • I have seen ProPakistani is the only blog that does not bring you more of copies rather they generate unique content but if needed they do link back as well. Aamir is right this must been missed a check otherwise there was no reason of copy paste!

        • you too are an ignorant person. Don’t you know people who don’t have access to TechSpot and are a regular visitor of Propakistani. What if he copy pasted content? It is just for our information. Hope you got it Mr. smartas :P

      • sohaib17

        And people like you keep supporting plagiarism. The article was published by Gizmodo in August.
        Figures aside, even the text is almost same.

        • Salman Abbas

          “Riphah International University” is proud! XD

      • nafees ahmed arain

        unfortunately we pakistanis are not so aware with this term “plagiarism”
        nd may be you are one of them

  • Chaudhry Khalid

    Windows 7 is best :)

    • win 8 best

      • win xp is stll best :P

        • Salman Abbas

          nope. win 98 it is :D

          • Guest

            Win 7 :)

            • fksysko

              Linux Rocks !

              • ZoZoMo

                Alt Ctrl Delete

                • ImranShafqat

                  I wonder, no one said DOS is best.

          • اظہر علی

            Win 95 is best :P

    • Roger That….
      Windows 7 is the most Used and Excellent Version Of Windows Ever !!!

    • nafees ahmed arain

      stone age is still better :P

  • Arslaan Hafeez

    Windows 8 is much faster then Windows 7, i have experienced. As this article is all about.

    • it is fast windows bt lag on gaming, and some functions annoy u too

  • Retarded start screen, annoying charm bars, absence of start menu, way less intuitive options to get stuff done (for instance, try to shut down your PC in windows 8, you’ll know what i mean). Tablo-phobia centric OS for desktop PCs, with imbecile oriented tiles. I keep my desktop sparkly clean (no icons). I do all my searching via the start menu. Microsoft can go screw itself for all I care. I’m more than happy to stick with Windows 7. As the quote says “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

    • Get Start8 for Windows 8 and enjoy the faster Windows experience, as the saying goes, “You’re making a reason, for a reason” :)

      • ^ I guess you didn’t read my post carefully. I don’t need them tiles. As for the faster boot+shutdown, I use an SSD which boots 7 under 10 seconds. Problem ?

        • I guess you haven’t used Start8, using that means no tiles. I have Windows 8 on SSD, and it boots in under 5~6 seconds. And NO I do not have any problem, I am just replying to a comment that you made a PUBLIC forum, if you have problem with people replying to your comments, I guess you should stop posting comments on PUBLIC forums. Chill.

          • That was intended as sarcasm man. I’m chill as always. I’ve extensively used Windows 8, and have concluded that it offers absolutely nothing new to me. All the stuff it offers, windows 7 already offers and does it better. Hence why I said problem.

            Its no doubt a spectacular OS when it comes to mobile devices & tablets. That’s where it truly shines. But its a disaster on the desktop. If you like it, good for you. I for one will simply skip it.

            • That’s good to hear, my bad for not getting the sarcasm in your comment. Have fun!

    • Zahoor Solangi

      Please use classic shell for start menu http://classicshell.sourceforge.net/

  • Spoilt

    The review/comparison is too incomplete in itself. Being a comparison review, it should have at least included the hardware on which these benchmarks were conducted.

    And indeed the benchmark screenshots are most probably copied from the Gizmodo article as they contain exactly the same figures/values. Benchmarks (with floating point values) usually don’t give a constant value even if run on the same machine repetitively. They usually tend to fluctuate around a mean value. While in this case, they have exactly the same values as on the Gizmodo article.

    Moreover, Excel and file copying benchmarks do not mention the test data set and cases that were used to generate these scores.

  • Saud

    A much awaited post

  • win 7 is new xp whilst win 8 is new win vista period

  • Muhammad Adnan

    good informative article

  • shuja rahman

    So in short, Win-7 is better

  • Ali

    Used Win 8 on both a Laptop and Laptop+Tablet Computer I gotta say Win 8 looks cooler than win 7 on Tablets. I believe Windows 8 is more of a Tablet PC operating system.

  • Rehmat

    The above review/comparison is too incomplete in itself,because there is no “Usability comparison”.which is the most important for any app/os/software,because user is the main thing in the era.

  • Arslan

    Incomplete but good comparison for the new users of windows 8… windows 8 is cool and lighter than windows 7

  • Any torrent link to download windows 8?

  • Sohail Sadiq

    Windows 8=touch screen :D
    XP for normal users(it is also most used OS and still using by many’s) and Win 7=all in one package :)