• Believe me half of them are fakes or duplicates. Moreover Facebook is more like a StalkerBook now a days and it is like a platform to make everyone jealous from your own artificial life most of the time.

    • nafees ahmed arain

      yup you are right …people are getting more nd more desperate

  • Haris

    No doubt,in 2013 users will increase at Facebook.

  • Aman

    More users from youth group would be attracted towards Facebook in this new year.

  • 8 millions pakistani waste their time on facebook.

    • not all of them wasting their time on facebook some are working online like me im using facebook just for my online work

      • jami

        Yes, it is useful for online workers.

  • Faiza

    Facebooking is becoming a trend especially in youth sector.

  • Samee

    Its good to see LinkedIn is at 10th rank.It means we have more professionals in Pakistan.

  • 90% females are fake,,,

  • nafees ahmed arain

    FAD is increasing in pakistan with each passing day ..people are becoming more desperate … wasting their time by making fake profiles and i guess they are in millions roughly 2 to 3 millions… some of them are using it in a good way and facebook is just not a useless site it is indeed a useful platform..
    P.S FAD stands for facebook addiction disorder,,,,,

    • Taqi Abbas


  • waow