• This justs shows how desperate Showbaz Sharif is.

    • talha92

      It also shows how desperate your uncle zardari is.

  • @aamir7:disqus: Still you say its just an article relating to social media? Isn’t this debate becoming political? :S

  • ABC

    Bloody Terrorism supporters…

    Good Job Aamir Attaa.

  • asif

    useless and criticized article hope amir atta is supporter of plunders, big plunders why he does’t have an eye on shameless works of our federal govt? These days the weather is cold no fan no water pump more uses no air conditions then why we only have 4 hour light? Why you don’t write on this topic if your blog now converting technology to politics or criticizing people??????????

  • asif

    If you need followers i can help you but don’t be jallos,,,,,,,,,,

  • You just exposed the level of thinking you have , When you simply can not answer even a single question raised above you gone personal , and it is enough … i am not the one who blow his own trumpet on forums bragging how noble i am and what i am doing… BTW I am an independent person with an independent mind which is not stuck some where & constantly trying to prove a point which not even worth proving … I see my countries future in deep shi^$% that’s why i feel the pain , you see flower blooming than keep dreaming with your PMLN ..

  • Ahmad

    I just checked one website and could not find any facebook link. The image is attached for all to look at.
    Mr. Aamir Attaa has made a lot of efforts to manipulate images. I wish if he can put his efforts in some constructive work.

    • aamir7

      You are more than an year late to check the updates. Be quick, next time.