• DJ

    Ufone had a very limited quantity and have already booked them all for their VIP customers…

  • aamir bashir

    if ufone is giving it for 60000 than i am expecting the price of z10 from local market would be around 40000 with in a month. so waiting

  • raza

    not more than 30000 just expensive because of the name

  • Umer Draz

    I am waiting for Telenor to launch it. I will buy from them

  • Faraz Feroz

    Is it unlocked or can only be used with Ufone?

    • Memon

      Yes its network locked. Only ufone sim can be used in it

      • Muhammad Anas

        Who told you so? It cant be locked as ufone is selling it at unsubsidized price so it must not be locked to Ufone!