• anonymous

    keep it blocked is they are acting cocky

    • cocky

      ‘is they are’ wah!

      • sfy

        Common hey is a big fan of ALI G, so whats the big deal with that :)

        • sfy

          typo ‘Come On’ :)

          • sfy

            with a ‘He’ not ‘Hey’

            @kids, Perfect example of why you should use your computer to post a reply and not your smartphone lolz.

  • Jaa oyy Youtube, hum nay tumharay bagair jeena seekh liya hay

    • Saif

      Oye Talaab k dadoo, Youtube pe sirf songs aur gandi videos hee nahi hoti … its full of learning material. Haan par janab aap jaison ko kya farak parta hai, aap pehle bhi dadoo thay aur kal bhi dadoo hee rahein ge (talaab k).

  • Bilal

    Google has a partnership agreement which it signs with governments against which it does allow for specific content to be blocked upon request. Pakistani government refuses to sign that agreement but forces them to block the content too. It does not work like that im afraid. All the countries that did manage to get the content blocked are partners with Google …

  • Xahid

    Keep it Blocked !
    we don’t need it anymore …

  • Muhammad Fawad

    PTA should think to block google other services . Google is still getting revenue from Pakistan from adsense and adwords. They are getting billions of rupee from Pakistani market.

    • Google Revenue per Quarter = 15000 millions
      Google Earning from Pakistan = 500 millions per year (or 125 million per quarter)

      Profit percentage per quarter = 125/15000 * 100 = 0.83% of total profit..

      na yaar this loss will not effect google at all!!

      • nau nuhaal

        Small amounts do make a difference. Aren’t you aware of shady companies Google set up in Cyprus etc just to evade miniscule amounts in govt. taxes?

    • All it takes is a bit of common sense to know when to stop posting.

    • Billions of Rupees from Pak ?? Stop kidding .. plus billions of rupees don’t even make a dent to what Google makes over all and if you crazy people allow Google to do proper business here how many Millions of $$$ Google can bring in as an investment .. but NO .. ignorant and uninformed opinions all around …

  • No more enthusiasm left for YouTube. I guess majority has managed to surf without even knowing the youtube factor.

    P. S Google growing up? I guess no!!! lol

  • answer if anyone knows

    can local isp’s or pta itself not block the only blasphemous video on youtube’s pakistan version???????

    • Yes they can, but the “””Ashiq-e-Rasool””” Demanded for the ban of youtube ( i believe the whole) PTA is just obeying that..

      • “””Ashiq-e-Rasool”””

        made me LOL

        • you, surly deserve a thumb up (y)

        • dont make fun… think and think again… about whom you are talking and what you are talking

          • Oh save me the mullah talk and stop kidding yourself. I’m sure whenever the prophet was targeted by a kafir, he decided to alienate himself from them.

        • cheap man, cheap thinking…. things before speak ….

          • the only cheap thing here is you buffoons being dwindled by the stupid likes of raja rental.

            • nau nihaal

              Mr. Saqib, people respond to the matter in different ways. Let them have their opinion. You are no authority here to give such sweeping statements.

              If your answer to religious zealots is liberal bigotry, good luck with bringing about a change.

      • Actually i Think you are pointing out those certain people who displayed their love and affection by burning our own homeland , and public property like crazy mad people on Ishaq-e-Rasool Day !! Those idiots ain’t fooling any one but themselves …

    • Salman Abbas

      Possible for http but not https.

      • Internet Uncle

        Not on Qubee unfortunately, but it worked on WorldCall, not for all videos. What’s your Connection?

  • [email protected]

    Govt of pakistan should ban all services of google including google search, google ads etc, but they are not strong enough to do this,,,,……

    • Saif

      Yeah block everything, cut off electricity too, burn everything…apna sar phaar lo, teach the world this way.

      We dun give a damn, we are happy as OUT-DATED un-perh awaam.

    • What an ignorant response and thinking !! You know what it means to BAN GOOGLE Services ?? No internet .. well if you were aware enough you have not posted such a comment .

  • Who cares anymore ?

  • Salman Abbas

    Hotspot Shield + AdBlockPlus = <3

    • nau nihaal

      Lets all install ad blocking extensions to shove a ___ up Google’s ____. May not make a difference but we should do our part.

      • Salman Abbas

        I am using it because Hotspot Shield adds tons of ads to any page you visit not because I’ve anything against Google. In fact I admire Google and what they’re doing to change the world.

  • I seriously dont know why ao much ignorant is propakistani reporter google has an agreement with those country u mention and thats why they block the video. In their specific region but there is no agreement with pakistan so on what bases they would listen to pak …. Pakistan should take steps to made an agreement with google so they can enforce that way but hamari hakumat jaahil hai tu ki karey

    • I think the more ignorant part would be of ProPakistani actually reporting the real cause last year but instead stating the following today:

      “it is strange that Google is not agreeing to block such videos on the demand of Pakistani government”

  • Saif

    Pakistani people dun care about Youtube and Google services, cuz 95% of them use Youtube for posting and searching videos related to chawalism, and Google..com to check whether internet is On or not. Thats it !!!

    Is liye aap yahan har fankaar ko yehi kehte sunein ge k kar do block, sabaq sikha do, aag laga do, ulta taang do, bla bla. In mein se zayada woh hain jo chahtay hain k duniya khud ko theek kar le par hum aise hee rahein ge, humein to jo bhi dekhne ko milay ga woh hum dekhein ge, we can’t resist anything, chahey woh koi gandi video ho ya koi larki ho…hum to dekhein ge, khud perdah karna hai to karo.

  • bhut acha kia

  • Youtube is not some milk feeder for me like many others. I dont care about google and youtube. I am with my own government, religion and people against this ban. Because i am not some “sir phirra” nojwan of today mashghool in the colours of life making fun of “Aashiq-e-Rasool” or my country or my religion to make enemy happy.

  • Mocker

    After mobile service blockage, gas load shedding, electricity blackout, there will be some day Govt. will block the entire Internet.
    The real reason for blocking youtube is to hide evil deeds of politicians and other personalities.

  • Its just like saying that if one goes to US to study, he/she should not go to a library as they all have material against Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H).
    But does anyone know the real reason why Google is restricting access to that obnoxious material in some countries but not in Pakistan? There must be a logical answer.

  • Shahid Saleem

    Last time I checked, if I wanted to find criminals and gangsters in a city, I knew where to go. If I didn’t want to look for them, I didn’t visit that part of the city.

    Last time I checked, if I wanted to find blasphemy on Youtube, I knew where to go. If I didn’t want to look, I didn’t visit that part of Youtube.

    Did I agitate to destory the city? No. Did I agitate to ban the site? No.

    Do I have a short-circuit in my brain when it comes to Our Prophet? Absolutely not. I follow our Prophet’s example: I PERFORM DIALOG.

    You can follow someone else’s example by banning, sure, it is all your choice. I am responsible on the DAy of Judgement for HOW I USED MY GOD-GIVEN SKILLS, not for how I thought I was better than other people and kept my skills away from the people who need it most, which is people who need Da’wah the most.

    I am 100% sure Allah will not ask me why I didn’t try to preach Islam. Are you? By preventing me (and ALL Pakistanis including scholars) from performaing dawah, you are on shaky grounds my friends.

    My only problem is I have not tried to preach enough and practice enough. Can you say the same?

  • savvy

    Well PTA should continue blockage of Youtube. People who cant live without it have already sorted out otherways. Rest dont give a damn.!