• Mohsan Hassan

    FBR is taking tax of million rupees per year but cannot afford a software of 2000 USD. it is very shameful act and will give bad Image of Pakistan to the world

  • Idea

    honestly you people are no less than GEO News, the article quality of this website is going down day by day. Can expect an article on change of website header

  • I have been filing tax returns for 5 years now, using the e-filing facility for ~3 years now and have seen this message countless times over the ~3 years. This is not the new/cross browser compatible website they talk on the home page. This news is 3+ years late.

  • agreed

  • ImranShafqat

    I think their web developers are too dump, they should at least have searched for a crack rather than uploading timetrial components. I know its unethical but hey we are in Pakistan.

  • ali-G…

    one thing is good in the new website that it is multi browser compatible also the new design of the website is easy understandable.