• Tahir Akram

    Smuggling and theft will be on boom.

    • Monster

      yes bro u r rite…..

  • Shahid Saleem

    CDMA??? I Thought people used TDMA with AMPS before GSM in Pakistan. CDMA did not come into widespread use until PTCL V fone and other WLL devices.

    • Saad Durrani

      There was AMPS. There was TDMA. There is (and forever will be, it seems) GSM.

      • Shahid Saleem

        Yes, that is what I said. I don’t know why the above circular says “old CDMA”.

  • Gareeb pakistani

    sara sar ziyadti a ye gareeb awam per.

  • One of my colleague mentioned that it is not the new tax. This was approved in last budget but is being implemented now. I am not sure, how right he is. So please do some research on this too.

  • mrasheed345

    bhai jan jin logon ne 50 hzar ka mobile lena hota hy unky ley 8000 tax dena koi mushkal nai but jis garib ne 1500 ka mobile lena ho us k bary ma b socho zra????

    • Saqib

      bhai meray Ghareeb ka is mulk main kis nay socha hai? yahan sab ameeron k hi tarafdaar hain. Aik taraf to FBR MNA, MPA ka ghalat Data Election Comission of Pakistan ko faraham karta hai jis k baray main hamara media subha sey cheekh raha hai, dosri taraf ghareeb loogon par jo 2000 ka mobile kharidtay han 1000 ka tax impose kar deta hai.

  • Daniyal Akhtar

    Look at it positively,companies that sell low-end phones find it more economical to get their handset manufactured and imported from china. After this new tax is imposed and because of competition present in our market,companies will be forced to setup manufacturing plants here in Pakistan. To make these plants economical they would have to include manufacturing of medium-range and/or(or not) high-end phones. Who knows hardware for next apple iphone gets manufactured in Pakistan( no i am an android fan).

    • HolierThanThough

      Dream on…. This only means that Smuggling will thrive and the foreign brands which get smuggled into Pakistan get more benefits. Manufacturing or even assembly is not possible at the moment in Pakistan.

  • ALI

    The term “end-user” isn’t right here. You should have used word “consumer” instead. As for as i know “end-user” is the user who uses the product. e.g if your Dad buys you a mobile phone then you are the end-user & your dad is consumer so its him (the consumer) who has to pay that imposed tax not you (the end-user). its technically wrong.

  • ALI

    I searched a little & found that the word “Consumer” also is not right for this article bcoz “Consumer” & “End-user” have same meaning. “Customer” is the term which should be used here. My bad…

  • Abrar Nazir

    Very poor act!