• Elite

    Superb Survey, A detailed Demand of Pakistani’s in formed way. GEO Pakistani: i have also take this survey before a days ago.

  • Who wants Youtube when you have Tune.pk .

    • lol…….
      Tune.pk is not going to work as a good alternative of youtube. We are bloggers and we have to view tutorials, make tutorials. Tutorials are really big source of traffic toward our blogs. If I am given an option of youtube or Tune.pk for tutorials, I will definatly choose Youtube, because tune.pk is not being viewed worldwide. It is only viewed by some pakistanis.

    • I am a student of Virtual University of Pakistan. You can’t imagine the hardships of a student whose class room is banned!!!

      • AK

        I think VU is offering full course on CDs/DVDs besides handouts and also providing a fully interactive LMS and several other resources. So this basn should not create any issue for VU students. Please note it doesn’t mean I am in the favor of this ban.

        • Waheed

          VU students consult many online resources. Their classroom is arguably internet. One example is KhanAcademy.

        • Yes they do offer it, but you have to order it online, print out the receipt, deposit it in a selected bank and wait for the TCS that can arrive in a week. What if you want to take benefit of millions of other educational videos not offered by VU in CDs/DVDs?

      • MA

        Install Hotspot Shield on your pc.It will help you to remove your hardships.

      • Ahmiq

        bypass[dot]germanystudy[dot]net njoy :)

    • You gotta be kidding me!

    • please crawl back into the hole you came out of.

  • Thing is Pakistani Government mishandled the issue. They didn’t gone to Google after they first uploaded the vids. They would have gone to them to get them blocked in Pakistan. They on other hand blocked youtube. Later when they gone to google for specific vids and their copies blocked, google didn’t heard. They also shown no interest about availability of their service to Pakistanis. Have more to say, will come back.

    • law

      Unfortunately pakistanis are not a big market for YouTube. it doesn’t have local servers like India. therefore Google isn’t obliged to local laws. however they can restrict videos with location

      • Yes that is correct, plus restricting vids by user’s entered location will block them for overseas pakistanis too.

  • Arsalan Bakht

    nice way of presentation… superb work..

  • Salman Abbas

    I don’t even understand the point of blocking Youtube for yourself.. if someone’s faith is so weak that he will become an infidel by watching that video then he isn’t a Muslim in the first place.

    • Power-plays all around. Pakistan wanted to defuse a dumb situation which their own media helped create and spread. Google on the other hand told it to go fuck herself.

  • who says youtube is blocked ? we still using youtube just use proxy , vpn , tor , vps

    • Elite

      Lolz Proxy boy

  • Youtube to be unblock soon. #iWish

  • So the majority is still blaming Google for what happened. Wake me up when this farce has ended.

    • You may continue sleeping. This farce won’t be ending anytime soon. Get a premium VPN to piss on these arses :p

  • i am also in “not browsing videos at all because of the ban on YouTube.” coz proxy sites n other services dont give that user experience ;[
    AND btw most interesting thing in that survey was out of 3000 majority are unemployed (including me) ;]

  • zee

    A nation that’s weak in Faith. Pakistanis are first to blame everything but themselves. How about blaming the mullas who have ruined our country? For successfully introducing this low and pathetic mindset of banning everything other damn thing!?

  • aly

    This research work is crap!!! Unblock YouTube and cut the crap pls!!

  • Talha

    Atleast No More Ads For Youtube From Pakistan
    im not gonna die if youtube will still remain ban in pakistan
    i just watch softwares tutorials :p not more important then ISLAM

  • Abrar Nazir

    Very nice study!