• ahmad

    seriously we need 4g lte or atleast 3g this year otherwise we r done

    • Shahid Saleem

      ha ha We were “done” years ago!

  • zee

    A day will come, sooner rather than later that you’ll see Pakistan at the very bottom for just about everything nice. But we’ll be right at the top for everything bad. No seriously, you don’t have to be Eisenstein to calculate that.

    • talha92

      Who the f*ck was eisenstein?

      • zee

        Certainly not the same fu**** who invented the f*cking smart phones with f**king touch screens that can quite easily f*ck up a comment by a f**king mistake.

        Just to be f*king clear, I wanted to type Einstein. I hope that makes some f*cking sense to you now?

        • G. Moheyuddin

          what a f*ckin reply to a f*cking comment

  • So what’s new?

  • Abrar Nazir

    A matter of concern, lets play our role to get entitled amongst some good position holders. :)