• Harris

    Reviewd lyk a Pro!! Thumx UP

    • Thanks @disqus_UokQejWjzt:disqus

      • Zohair Bhai i have Y300 u said themes can be downloaded, but what ever theme i download it requires launcher and i don.t like launchers. can u tell where i can download themes,

        • You can download themes from the Theme app by Huawei. I guess you are downloading themes from play store :(

        • Mumtaz Hussain

          Yry Holo Launcher HD available for free in Play store.

  • thinking to buy it .. it has dual sim functionality ??

    • aamir7


      • but at GSM arena it says it is a dual sim … different versions ??

        • aamir7

          Review unit didn’t come with dual-SIM functionality. Zohair will confirm this in a while…

        • No, in Pakistan they are selling just the Single SIM version.

      • fawaz

        is there any warranty in pakistan

    • Danish


  • BTW nice review , I like these kind of fast reviews as compare to dull boring reviews in which presenter walks you through each and every stupid thing like , this is usb port , this is headphone jack bla bla …

    • Thanks for the appreciation, my reviews are always short. BTW this is the first one in which video crossed 10 minutes mark (due to the inclusion of game play performance)

      • Technologix

        Thanx for the addition of game play bit :) Nice and simple review. Strange thing is that i am getting more Antutu marks(6180) on my Y300.

  • I am Using This Smart Phone

    • RAM 1GB Honii Chayee Thi Bus :(

      • Must be the cost factor, otherwise there is no harm putting a bigger RAM :)

        • HolierThanThough

          Yeah… 1 GB Ram jacks up the price by Rs. 4,000. That’ll take Huawei G510 out of the affordable range.

        • sher khan

          bhai is main skype par video call ho jati hai ya nahi

      • Ali Sharif

        haan its outdated….1 GB RAM and Bluetooth Version 3.0 agar is mai ho tu, cost 20,000 ya above ho jaye gi. i think… but be happy is mai DLNA protocol hai

    • Mumtaz Hussain

      Is ki kitni internal memory user k leay available hai?

  • Danish

    I think there is option to disable camera capture sound

  • SHehryar KHAN

    wonderful review ….. i really liked this one … this review is compelling me to make a purchase of huawei smartphones :)

  • My Huawei Y300 Antutu Mark(6391).

    • HolierThanThough

      thats because you have an SD card installed. SD card size will jack up your antutu scores.

      • I don’t Have SD card Huawei Don’t Give SD Card with it’s Hand Sets. I didn’t Bought SD card yet Looking to Get Branded Card at Lower Price From Somewhere.

  • Mehmood Ahmed

    At what price is available today into karachi saddar market

  • nothanks91

    I personally at this price Nokia Lumia 520 is far better!

    • nothanks91

      *personally think

  • Asim Ali

    According Huawei Uk, it has gorilla glass. I think UK and Pakistan versions are same except NFC which is available in UK version only.


  • how to install stock android on it ? Anyone ?

  • aasim

    nice and afforable .. but still little worry about material quality . thanks for post ..

  • I am new to smartphones. i want to buy a new one under 18000.plz tell which one to buy . also what do you think about g510 or htc sensation which one will be better

    • In my Opinion G510 is Latest, Updated and Have Better Specs From HTC sesation.

  • Ali Sharif

    Thanks You.. for this unboxing and brief review, no doubt it is first review of this model on internet i have found. I am awaiting for a long time to buy this set. : )

    is it available in white color ?

  • what about its speaker like y300 does it has low volume?

  • Viber main awaz aa rahii par jaa nhii rahi what is the problem G510

    • Danish

      use older version of viber

      • No Latest Downloaded

        • Danish

          plz use the older version 2.3.1, your problem will be solved, i am also using it on G510

    • OS patch is finalized, Viber voice and other bugs will be fixed in OTA update soon.

  • Adeel Azhar

    @kofmzc:disqus is it just me or you forgot the Dual Sim feature of this phone?!!

    • Danish

      it is single sim

      • Adeel Azhar

        its the deal breaker for me sure…

  • Saeed

    Nice review, you play the same background music in all your reviews :P
    One thing I noticed the phone isn’t very smooth despite its dual core processor, perhaps due to the low RAM. The big downside is Huawei phones don’t get OS updates, same would be the case with this one!

  • Ali Sharif

    owner of this handset told me that even on its brightest setting on open area this screen looks very dim as compare to other usual set. is it true??

  • Zohair Bhai Main Wifi se Connect hn phir bhi Themes k Apne app main koi Online theme Option nhi araha bs local hi araha hai kia karon,

  • Danish

    how to switch off mobile data permanently? i am charged for GPRS whenever i switch on my G510, Plz help

  • Danish

    Is there any procedure to increase ram? Or share sd card memory with ram?

    • No

      • Haris

        Yes there is by Roehsoft ram expander available on play store

        • Haris

          sadly u have to root it but u can always manage the small amount of ram by some ram booster

  • Ali Shah

    Wt about active noise cancellation in Huawei Ascend g510???

  • sami ullah

    thanks for the review..keep it up!

  • Saquib

    I an facing voice issue in normal call. its like mic stop working after few seconds.

    • conm

      have u solved voice problem as I am also experiencing this issue

  • Ubaidullah

    Does Iron Man 3 apk work good on this phone…?? Please tell mee..

  • ali

    excellent review. pls keep it up for the new models.

  • Ubaidullah Mufti

    Boss kia is phone main Iron Man 3 chalti hy?

    • Danish


  • Danish

    Rooting method and custom rom?

  • Shahroz

    can it Play 720p videos?
    Which is better Huawei g510 or Noir A9 or Gfive g95

  • Rizwan

    35 second ki call k baad meri awaz aglay bunday ko nahi aati problem solved kaisay hogi?

  • Azfar Hashmi

    where can I get screen protector for it in khi?

  • Saad Chaudhary

    Zohair Bhai I have G510 Ram is 512 the memory it displaying is 394 MB while the Q mobile A50 also have 512 ram but it displays 484mb …….. and also i noticed that G510 is comparatively slower as compared with A50 by running same apps

  • Mumtaz Hussain

    Internal memory is 4GB but how much free memory is available for users?

  • Mumtaz Hussain

    Out of 4GB internal storage. how much is available for users?

  • Furqan

    can anybody tell me that how do i get rid of that retarded emotion UI ?? Please Anyone

    • Haris

      Load Nova launcher from play store it would solve ur problem considering the interface ive loaded it on huawei y300

      • Furqan

        thankyou bro.. :)

        • Haris

          Your welcome :)

  • Zeeshan

    Dear Zohair,

    Does this phone have specific allocated memory of Just 1.1 GB for applicaitons out of user available memory.

  • Raza Zaidi

    Zohair bhai can we update the android version of this set ? 4.1 se ziada support kar lega ye set ?

  • Tony

    Is it good at 79€?

  • ali

    can any body tell me can we do skyp video call or through yahoo messange video calls?

  • Huzaifa

    Is This Phone Better Or Noir A500????

  • Syed Amir Abbas

    Very very cool and good review .. after reading this review now I have purchased this mobile . It is nice cell phone in this price tag…… Thanks again for this nice review.

  • Syed Amir Abbas

    Very very cool and good review .. after reading this review now I have purchased this mobile . It is nice cell phone in this price tag…… Thanks again for this nice review.

  • Syed Amir Abbas

    Very very cool and good review .. after reading this review now I have purchased this mobile . It is nice cell phone in this price tag…… Thanks again for this nice review.

    • Furqan

      i heard that this phone is facing problems in calls.. so can u please make it clear that is it true ? i’d be very thankful to u..

  • Syed Amir Abbas

    Very very cool and good review .. after reading this review now I have purchased this mobile . It is nice cell phone in this price tag…… Thanks again for this nice review.

  • Syed Amir Abbas

    Very very cool and good review .. after reading this review now I have purchased this mobile . It is nice cell phone in this price tag…… Thanks again for this nice review.

  • Junaid

    Is the screen view able in daylight? … i’ve heard some complaints

  • fajer khan

    I m facng d prblm ov loudspkr ov huawei g510. The spekaer ov ds set stop sudnly. Can any one instruct me abt ds prblm. M to much woried :'(

  • sarmad mansoor

    what is its price ???

  • sarmad mansoor

    What is its current price and where can i buy it from ?? I am in Lahore .

  • Saad Bin Tahir

    I have Ascend Y300 and that phone has same specification..
    only screen size bara hai and yeh phone (ascend g510) bhi 480p video hi bnata hai and (ascend y300) bhi 480p video hi bnata hai.
    Menay (ascend g510) bhi use krky dekha hai. Video 480p hi bnata hai.

    Price of Ascend Y300 is cheap as compared to Ascend G510..


  • clox

    Would like to know if the voice issue has been resolved by anyone as i am facing this issue in my g510. The person on the other end cannot hear me after a few mins

    • flopfone

      i have same issue…nobody seems to know why it happens or how to fix it….after like 1 minute the person on the other end cannot hear you anymore,,,,just for this…this phone is a huge flop!!! get your money back if possible….tell Chinese to let proper companies make mobile phones, they obviously cannot do it well…..

  • Syed Nalain Abbas

    Sir Zohair Choahan….Mey Q A500 aur Huawei G510 mey confuse hu keh konsa lu … plzz plzzz plzz guide me ………… i am waiting……….. apke suggestion ?

  • Syed Nalain Abbas

    Superb review man…………alaaaa……@kofmzc:disqus

  • S. A. Chaudhry

    Model is perfect, but i bought it for Skype and Viber..both are running excellent. For Viber one needs to install older version as new version troubles. This link could help in finding older version of Viberhttps://www.dropbox….viber.voip..apk

    • Danish

      newer version also working, you need to update the system by using “System Update” option