• Chaudhry Khalid

    itne confusion yaar :(
    Sidhe Sidhe Offer honi chahiyaa itna pangaa ;)

    • Sulaiman

      & guess what 0.90/30 sec + tax which totals is equal to around Rs.2.30 for a minute. all the goodies shown in an attractive add which dosent bother them but we people adopt them so easily

      • Rao

        be-hayai or fahashi dikhanay kiliay ad bnatay hn ye baqi package hota e chuttu sa hy.

  • Bilal

    combinaiton of all offers in the industry.. This is called “Yah sa pakra waha sa pakara and launch kar diya :)

  • Amir khan

    Under Cheetah Internet Bundle:
    Daily Mobile Internet:——its 4 MB not BM.?

  • Danish

    Can we only subscribe to voice bundle or all the offers are compulsory?

  • Muhammad Anas

    Above all. The Cheta internet bundle is truely amazing! Who other than zong can give you that huge volume of mobile internet!

  • Yasir Mushtaq

    Admin! has Zong Circle replaced M9 because when I try to open M9.COM.PK I land at zongcircle.com.