• Zahid Butt

    There are lot of online shops in Pakistan for almost all the major cities
    Only the Problem is their price are ridiculously high as compare to market rate.

    • NetFreak

      True but problem exists because of additional resources, lets assume a shopkeeper who is running online shopping site as well, obviously he will add extra cost on the items which are selling online because running an online site requires extra resources, he pays to developers as well as to hosting service. So he has no option to increase the price to recover this cost.

      • Faizan Ali

        I strongly disagree with you on this point !! Amazon succeeded because they offered less prices as compared to the shelf price of books at the point. The online stores has a huge advantage of not investing in property (which is a huge investment as compared to paying developers and hosting charges) as well as they have to worry less about the stock. Amazon realized these two factors and that is how they were able to offer goods at less than market price

        • Shahid Saleem

          Amazon started in 1994, but was not profitable until 2001. Think about that: going seven years without making money. How many businessmen/financers are willing to back that model in Pakistan?

        • Shahid Saleem

          I will add “One Click” to my reading list, thanks.

      • Irfan Elahi

        Online shopping websites present the price and availability data of one shop or warehouse. Whereas products prices & coordinality vary from shop to shop. Classifieds on the other hand are prone to be unauthentic, spammy and carry the inherent threat in C2C physical transactions. This is precisely we, at towntawks, are positioning ourselves by successfully bringing products in our nearby shops online. And not only just that, we are bringing that in REAL TIME by virtue of our core propositions. So that consumers can make pre informed & smart decisions by seeing what products are available in shops prior to purchasing from them afterwards.

    • maham malik

      Bt bro i thnk dat online shops must give benefits to their users as they purchase products from the menufacturer and so if in start they with low price with high quality then it may also boost their business..and it may also shift people from manual to online shopping….

  • Qasim Siddiqui

    The only Problem is Paypal i lost 100 order a day due to Paypal

    • Amer

      u can create paypal account using Payoneer.

      • Paypal via Payoneer is Highly unstable , it gets limited within few weeks or days and you lose what ever you have in it for eternity …

  • NetFreak

    What does it mean by Kaymu?

    • Guest

      Kaymu is the stupid project of a foreign company. It is named so because they think it’s ‘catchy’.

  • PeeDroid

    Is HomeShopping.PK Legit??
    Their Phones Prices Are Lower Then Market!!
    Should I Trust Them??

    • Shahwani

      Yes its legit, have used it many times in last 3 years.

    • bustedemotions96

      Yups! I ordered Nexus 7 a month ago!

    • e-commerce tycoon

      Their all phones are Re-conditioned (say refurbished) thats why they are inexpensive as compared to the market.

  • Engineer Zahid

    I have skills to develop the online shops, but problem is, i don’t have online products to buy, I did freelance some of the project, but i want to make my own online store for buying the goods. If someone who has business and wants to expand it online, i would don’t mind to work with him.

    • Kashif Monnoo

      HI, I’m toying around with opening an online store how can u of help?

      • rahat aziz

        hi kashif .
        i want discuss with you for on line shopping stores
        please contact at this # 03002362269

    • rahat aziz

      hi zahid ,
      i am rahat from karachi i want some discussion for online business with you and start my business. my cell # is 03002362269

  • Sarfraz Ahmad

    Pakistan main kaunsi online shopping site best hai?

  • Amjad Ali

    i want to start online store i studied a lot of website and blogs, the basic thing is that with Pakistani people they don’t trust or may be they worry about fraud activities on internet . lack of education and awareness of online shopping still common in Pakistan,low internet speed and buying by master or visa card is also a great factor ,but hope that in near future with 3G and 4G the ratio of online shopping may increase in Pakistan….

    • rahat aziz

      hi dear, can you call me at this # 03002362269 i want some disscussion for
      on line shoping mall, I want to start online store. i have some ideas
      please contact asasp

  • inam

    i have found this online shopping that’s products are very good and sofisticated