• Uzair

    The question is “When you can get it free than why should you purchase it?”. Got it free from Microsoft Student Account. :)

    • mtm

      How come? Would you elaborate… ? :)

      • abobobilly

        Search for Microsoft Dreamspark Program.

        If you are working in a recognized IT institute, you will be able to get a dreamspark account (approved) from your Institute administrator, and then you’ll be able to get FREE Microsoft software like Visual Studio, Windows etc.

        Search on interwebs for more info.

      • Rao
  • omer

    using 8.1 evaluation copy from last 5 months. its smooth….search option much better then windows 8. IE 11 is so good that for the first time up till now I haven’t installed opera or Firefox. just using IE. one thing I want to know that what’s the expiry date of this evaluation copy. what will happen after the expiry …..its build 9431

  • najam

    isn’t it supposed to be a free upgrade for windows 8 users?

    • Haseeb Shaukat

      yes its a free upgrade with licensed Windows 8

  • asifejaz

    I already have Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64-bit licensed. And its really running very smooth as compare to windows 8.More multi tasking friendly, and thanx God you I can directly login to Desktop instead of tiles screen.

  • ßĻẳčk Šûņ

    It is a free update to windows 8 Licensed copy. Updated 8.1 2 weeks ago and its working smooth there is again a window icon for the start menu its good and searching feature is improved also IE is working better, new themes are included its good work by microsoft

  • When you buy an Android phone – the operating system is already installed and upgrades with no charges. In the world of PCs the operating system is not pre-installed A PC can have Ubuntu which is free or buy a Windows operating system. which is fairly expensive. People who own smartphones and tablets find it ridiculous to install anything to make them work. Apple does not charge for its software updates.but Microsoft does.which is silly.