• Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi

    Just to mention, the auction fetched Rs. 7.43 billion for CDA over three days, a lot more than what a single station could have generated.
    Also just to mention, Bidders from Lahore and Karachi didn’t buy anything. The CDA officials, while accepting the fact that Online Auction is the future and can be very beneficial categorically said that only bidders from Islamabad were taking part while those from Lahore and Karachi were merely observing but have promised to participate in the future auction considering only 40% of the total plots put up for auction were sold.

    It is true that the CDA has managed to generate a fairly high amount of money for the said plots, but please do your research before you “mention something” in the future.

  • patriot

    There was one bidder from Lahore who had the highest bid for one plot and won that plot.