• Zakaria

    What is this?

    • Rana

      Paid content

  • Someone

    yes wateen finally crossed 10 million f***s

  • M Alam

    stupid Emirati style of remaining in news

  • Telecomer

    talking of milestones, when will arabs dump Naeem Zamindar?

  • patriot

    10 million what? customers, dollars, or what?

  • Hamza

    and…?? what kind of PR is this?

  • soul

    I think soon they are going to sell this too ;p

  • Raja Maja

    woh kia kehtay hain “apnay aap ko Bhao daina”

    so they also want to sell their self by showing they are very much profitable.

  • Saeed Akram

    Lol does this even qualify as news?

  • the shortest story ever :P