• best time to sue PTCL

    • *Etisalat

    • Ishtiaq- the Research expert

      PTCL is as essential as internet in Pakistan, if PTCL has not made the revolution in the internet market, we could never make the development like we have made. We should appreciate and support it.

      • Shahid Saleem

        So, Mr alleged research expert, why did PTCL’s management prevent Pakistan from getting 3G for FIVE WHOLE YEARS???? 2008-2013. Was it to HELP Pakistan or HELP PTCL?

        • Nabeel

          1- Where is the proof of it that PTCL prevented 3G and not Govt.?
          2- How can 3G make people ‘developed’ when there is no food to eat, even if 3G has been introduced here 5 years ago?

          • aamir7

            Nabeel, ironically you are defending PTCL for arguing that 3G wouldn’t have done any better in absence of food, while complementing PTCL for making internet more accessible.

            For your reference, 3G didn’t come in Pakistan — at least till March 2013 — due to Etisalat, based on its terms for buying PTCL.

          • Shahid Saleem

            1. have you NOT PAID ATTENTION to this blog? Many times over past years it has been reported that Etisalaat had an agreement with the government of Pakistan to not allow more entrants. You can confirm this with local news media who also reported about that. Same was the issue with PTCL preventing other LDI providers.

            2. If 3G was not a good idea, WHY DID PTCL LAUNCH EVO??? EVO is 3G data. Clearly if there is a market for EVO, then there is a market for 3G. And PTCL CORNERED THAT MARKET and prevented other companies from giving 3G connections.

            Can’t explain the above facts with a valid interpretation? Then I suggest you learn something before you leave comments.

        • Ishtiaq- the Research expert

          PTCL is just a telecom company privatized from last more than 7 years. it not any authority for 3G to launch or block. PTA is the only authority which also controls ptcl and other telecom operators. If 3G could not reach pakistan yet, the whole fault is of PTA.

          • Shahid Saleem

            Once again: Etisalaat’s deal with the government was to DENY other entries to the telecom market. This is why Zong did NOT have an LDI licence even though they had been in operation for years and years: Etisalaat’s terms.

            And all for $800 million we have been waiting for from Etisalaat, we have been bending backwards to accomodate their requests. Whereas in fact if we had 3G earlier and if we had gone against their wishes we would have made more money sooner in foreign investment and local generated revenue.

            IN SUMMARY: PTCL/Etisalaat SABOTAGED efforts to bring faster mobile internet to consumers PLUS they launched their own 3G data service to fill the vacuum. And now ignorant “researchers” like you think PTCL did wonders for our economy. Waa waa!

      • Eli Ehsan

        Head in the Sand!!!

    • Raja Maja

      yes but infact……….best time to Screw…………..lol ;)

  • That’s why a wired connection is recommended :D

  • Eagerly Waiting for implementation!

  • uzair

    Oh tmhre khair… Mtlb evo bnd ab?? :-o


    PTA is trying to damage . revenue as all other PMLN are doing . awam ko sassta kuch na do. lanat hai PTA par.

  • Uzair

    LOL ho gaya yeh to :-D
    Pehly suspended phr 2 min mai dubara restored :-P

  • RAIZ


  • Ųnknown Singer

    Its not gonna work .

  • Peter

    Ye Kia mazaak hai, Suspend karny k foran bad Restored, May khush ta k Peshawar may Speed zyada ayegi ab LoL.


    bhai jan ye ik tylor hy agy eysa ho sakta hy q k 3g servies arahi hy usy bhi to chalana hy samjhe janab…

  • phonepedia.net

    PTA rocks, Dr. Ismail Shah is best

  • Shehzad

    Apparently it seems that Nawaz Gang, as they are commonly now known, have been failing to strike a deal so far with Etisalat Sheikhs so the legal actions being taken. Let’s wait and see!

    • Shahid Saleem

      Keep in mind: PPP (Zardari) closer to UAE, PML-N (Nawaz) closer to Saudi Arabia.

      • Imran Aizlan

        U don’t know what you’re saying and U have no proof. Just because BB lived in UAE during exile you think they are closer to her. This is, and always was a fallacy, the UAE is much closer to Nawaz Sharif just as they were to Musharraf. NS and SS lives in UAE for several years in early adulthood when they were working in steel trading and were very close to Shaikh Zayed of Abu Dhabi and Shaikh Rashid of Dubai.

        Please check your facts before making such grossly wrong statements.

        • Shahid Saleem

          Doesn’t change the fact that relationship with Saudi Arabia deteriorated during Zardari and grew with UAE. For one thing, we angered the Saudis and they stopped giving us cheaper oil.

          And now things are getting better with the Saudis.

  • Good work PTA, this was the best way to get the fine from PTCL. It was delaying it from 2011 and now after court’s decision they were still stubborn and were challenging it in another court. PTA should have today added some extra amount for restoring the licenses.

    Rule of law should be on top and such violating organizations must be dealt with, same way.

  • Azfar Siddiqui

    What will happen to thousands of internet connections powered by evo services? Why customers have to suffer? If PTA has the balls to suspend a license, it should also order PTCL to do some make-shift arrangements for the subscribers!.

  • Ejaz

    Yesterday PTCL lost its case even at Supreme Court. They made smart move to settle this with PTA otherwise it could have been crisis situation.
    Also, PTCL laid off more than 150 senior officer in last week. Why Pro Pakistan didn’t publish any article on this?

    • Farooq

      They are quite because of PTCL advertisement you can witness above on this page.

      • Imran

        ProPakistani is actually Pro-PTCL. This Website isn’t any different to other Media. All are biased and just report issues from where they don’t get any money from.

    • Sohail Ahmad

      i was also goes down…

  • tjnapster555

    ptcl ka 2mb par joo limit hai woh kasay check karain

  • tjnapster555

    how to see ptcl usage 2mb