• Mani

    Nice article Sohail. But pls run a spell check on point 2 related to Peshawar :)

  • Jehanzeb

    IBA Karachi is also giving Incubator workstation for a small fee.

    • Sohail Abid

      Incubation centers are different from coworking spaces. We’ll cover them too, separately.

  • Zahoor Iqbal

    nice article and informative, keep it up

  • Abrar Nazir

    Yes, sure great thing. Unless used for proper understanding of the motive. Otherwise misuse is trivial.

  • Fahd Murtaza

    There is an IT park in Abbottabad as well.

  • Sajid

    Please tell me any co-working space in Islamabad/Rawalpindi like the above list.

  • Muhammad Sajid Mirjat

    Second paragraph reads Cheep up. I guess it was suppose to be cheer up.

  • Ahmed

    Awesome. Would love to see such a venture in Islamabad as well.

  • Jawaid

    What other alternatives are there in Karachi other than dot zero?