• Fayyaz Ahmad

    gud one setup….

  • EffF

    only 2GB per month…. this means initially 3G services will be costly :-)

    • Were you expecting to get *unlimited* data for Rs.10 or even low?

  • Laraib Ali

    what If any one exchange his phone from mobilink and then use different network sim………..Does mobilink apply Any sort of security that u can only Use Mobilink sim on exchage smart phone

    • Adnan Afridi

      lol good question

      • Usman Ali

        i dont think because in exchange programs they wont do this, dont know its first time in pakistan maybe they locked the phones but usually they dont

    • No, there isn’t any kind of agreement or contract.

    • Daniyal Ahmed

      no issue even if they locked it u can get it unlocked by paying only rs300

  • Yasir Mahmood

    Thats Really Customer Friendly Step Taken

  • So, we can expect contract-based smartphones as well in near future.

    • I don’t think so.

      • Osama

        but i think

    • Usman Ali

      never happen this in pakistan.yeah the only thing is happening is giving phones to company’s employees because thats how they can trace them.
      i guess UK n USA will stop this for asians because you know what we do with contracts, send back to your country and claim the new one :P
      this starts in pakistan maybe in one day morethan 10,000 phones were claimed ;)

      • There’d be some terms and conditions but why you guys are eager to degrade your own country?

        • Usman Ali

          no we dont, i mention about asians first, its truth brother we Pakistanis, Indians and other 3rd world countries we all do this, so accept the facts. Even their own citizens do that but we were talking about pakistan here right?
          yeah terms and conditions are every where but we still find solution to that

  • Sadam Waqas Khan

    Nice offer and good step for marketing, all this is happening because of PTA

    • rimsha khan

      Ya. sadam u r right. The authorities like PEMRA,OGRA, PTA etc have done good job from their establishment. Rm fr improvement is thr but we must appreciate the good steps taken by these bodies like the case of 3G from PTA

  • Have anybody bought handset using this offer?

  • Mustafa

    Old phones or 2G phones?
    and what will we get 3G phones or SmartPhones??

    • Exchange your old phone (any) and get the new 3G smartphone by paying differential cost.

      • Mustafa

        not 3G feature phones? Like Nokia 208, 301 etc ??

        • “Any”. Rest you only have to pay “differential” cost.

          • Mustafa

            I understand that we can give ANY old phone (2G,3G,4G) but in exchange can we get a 3G Feature Phone like NOKIA 208,301 etc OR we have to pick a SMARTPHONE (Android, iOS, WinPhone) thats my Q ?

            • They have brands like Samsung, HTC, Apple (iPhone), Huawei and QMobile to be made available soon. Nokia isn’t mentioned anywhere.

  • Muhammad Aziz

    Mashallah Nice…

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  • Arslan Naqvi

    Agar kise ko kise bhi network kay kise bhi number ki details chahiye ho
    1. owner name
    2. CNIC number
    3. Address
    4. CNIC par registerd us kay others number

    to aap mujh say contact kar saktay hain

    Noter un numbers ki bhi details milay gi jo Db main nahi hain

    my cell number is : 03137031958

  • shami

    they are deceiving customers to buy handsets from them and woh bhee 3G ones. When 4G comes out everyone will be rushing to sell their 3G ones for 4G. It is wise to buy 4G handsets only now rather than going for 3G. Shows how bad mobilink is in deceiving customers

    • Bilal Iqbal

      how Deceiving.. lot of people will go for 3G only because 4G LTE is simply costly every where.. people in rest of the world pay thousands for few GB’s of 4G LTE.. so if you can afford 4G sets and services then go ahead but lot of people will go for 3G only for many years…. :)

  • A

    I want to exchange my Nokia 3310 with a 3G/4G enabled handset :)

    • sulman

      Please Pay Differential cost for Rs. 25000/- or So for Maturity of your Deal Brother. (anyway Nokia 3310’s is antique now. so this is “ONLY” a plus point for you..

  • Mustafa

    Hope they also add SONY and NOKIA too..

  • Abid Ali

    Mobilink 3G network is best best & enjoy moments