• laraib

    Flop Phone…….!

  • Saad

    Nothing is considerable to buy this phone yet. Well if it was a prototype then OK but even Q mobile is good in quality in this price range.

    • I think Nokia Pakistan has to re-think the pricing of this device. No one is going to spend 14000 on a “Android Like” phone. If the price tag was under 10,000 I would have bought a dozen of them :)

      • Baqir Talpur

        12,600 is the price which i think is resonable for a NOKIA phone.

        • baqir

          BTW checked market just today and its 12,600 not 14k

          • The price communicated to us by Nokia is 13800. May be you are referring to the 7% discount available for some Facebook users at selected outlets.

            • Omair Ahmed

              No. on all mobiles samsung, nokia , HTC huawei etc.. 7% is retailer discount means that it is the minimum % of discount one can get by going to wholeseller instead of front shops..

  • Shahid Saleem

    I would like to know about the funny headset in the last picture. Where can I find that??

    • Yasir Mahmood

      does it Really Sound?

    • Its a gift from Ufone (given to media persons on S5 launch event), not sure if its available in the market. It serves well for old people especially those who have listening problem on cellphones.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      oh nice..i thought it would be a photoshop but it is real and like its beauty of idea…

  • Ammar

    Love that telephone like headset!

  • asad

    dude name which phones are better than this or if u cant then dont tell us that there are better phones out there :)

    • Samsung Galaxy Star Pro
      Huawei Y300, Y530
      Qmobile Noir A11, A500, A8 and many others. Seems like you have been living under a rock so you don’t know how saturated Pakistan’s low end smartphone market is.

  • Mubashar Saleem

    @zohair Overall review is good but it could have been a good unboxing video if you would describe the features by yourself instead of giving a bore background music.

    • Important features are displayed on screen. This video seems boring because it got too lengthy. Usually we try to cover all things in a 5 minutes duration. We will try our best to do better next time.

  • Yasir Mahmood

    Pathetic Phone With More Pathetic Specs

    Soon they will launch a QuadCore 1.0 with 256 Mb of Ram

  • Mike

    This is not a review and not even true unboxing…putting back already used phone in box and then powering it on is not called true unboxing :) Anyways good effort

    • It is a demo unit and most of devices we review are already box open by the PR company. The purpose of unboxing and hands-on is to inform the potential customers about the device and I think it serves well with a “used” device.

  • i think that NOKIA should have maintained the Quality.

  • Nokia is trying so hard to keep its market share but they won’t be able to keep it because the competition is too tough for them to survive. They still think they can move forward with their own outdated designs and buggy devices.

  • karlo gal

    آخر آ ہی گیا نا ضدی نوکیا اپنی اوقات پر، اگر یہی فیصلہ کچھ سال پہلے کرلیتا تو سام سنگ نمبر ون نا ہوتا۔۔۔۔

  • Alfanso

    The Display is really pathetic considering other phones within same price range
    available in the market.

  • Saeed Akram

    Camera quality doesnt seem that bad, thats decent enough for a 3 MP shooter with no flash. I like their take on Android aesthetically but unfortunately that’s not what android is about. It’s about freedom, customization and apps. If you remove these things there isn’t much left behind.

  • Saad Naeem

    ZenPhone series by Asus is almost similarly priced and is way better than Nokia’s X family.

  • Cgill

    Like that headphone.

  • Please remove the word “Incredible” from title. This phone has not even the “I” of “Incredible”. :-D

  • ibrarghani

    3g support??

  • Sohaib Ahmed

    The resolution is low.. I can see lag and delay in touch and response.. plus no front camera and not LED flash! These all make it a phone with a price tag around 10,000