• Muzamil Ismail

    what about other universities…

    • Uzair Farooqi

      just for elite class i guess

      • Ammar

        Or you know, good universities. I don’t know what the heck is so elite about NUST. They have some of the lowest tuition fee amongst the top universities.

        • Reality

          He was referring to LUMS.

          • RealityBites

            A university that has more than 60% students on some kind of scholarship or financial aid, you would have to be delusional to label LUMS an elitist university.

            • Realitystrikesback

              I dont know if you are a LUMS student or not but if you are then you must have an idea that even with some percentage of financial aid the fee is much higher than any institution in Pakistan. The fee without any aid is 6 lakh for SDSB and 7-8 lakh for SSE. Truly an elitist institution. Especially the humanities school is filled with them. But it goes without saying that it definitely has the cream of whole Pakistan’s genius minds.

      • Zohaib Jahan

        dear, it also include UET
        (not elite)

  • publish full list of colleges universities that are eligible.

  • ihsan

    How to apply for this intern ship

  • Mushtaquen

    * Would there be some stipend?
    * Is there any ufone official source link availalbe?

  • Syed Aqib Shah

    it should be for all universities and collages ……and the selection should be made through NTS like test…….so that everybody could get a chance.

  • m razi

    what about other universities totally illogical…these universities hav name but not talent…talent is always in the mid

  • rahmat zada

    how to apply for this inernship????

  • hamzarabbani

    NUCES and FAST are same, it’s actually FAST NUCES

  • Osama Farooqui

    what about SSUET..??

  • Rana Mohammad Talha Tariq

    1) Where is COMSATS ??? currently ranked #1 HEC university in computer sciences & IT…RANKED #4 in HEC top Large scale universities and in HEC T0P10 universities of PAKISTAN
    2) FAST and NUCES is same thing …

  • Hira Zahoor

    wat about hamdard univeristy

  • Maham

    The test wasn’t conducted in UET at the mentioned date. So how can we appear for the test now??

  • sam

    what about University of sindh?

  • Tashfain

    Chill n make ur name, that ll give u a high place on earth though.
    Whats d procedure!!!

  • Laeeq Siddiqui