• Muhammad Aamir

    Nice!! What they will do with one billion dollars? I think this money is enough to fulfil the requirement of load shedding in our country. We know our country progress is slow due to load shedding.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      that money is considered is revenue and will go into national treasure to meet budget requirements… as far as energy production.. there are lot of projects.. let’s hope for best..

      • hussey08

        And we all know how national treasure gets depleted!!!!!!

  • tiwana

    Alhamdulilla pakistan is going on right track now and everything will be ok after some years the days are not away when we called as developed generation then we feel more proud being a pakistani

  • Nabeel

    koi bata sakta he k is fee se kitne percent politicians ki pocket main jaye ga ?

  • Arj Dust

    When people are dying of starvation and businesses suffering due to massive power outages, such technologies are useless.