Apr 30, 2014

  • Yasir Ali Raza

    Amir Bhai ROM ke jagha pay Internal Memory likhna ha !!!

  • larka

    errr okay but not so attractive deal.

  • Ab!

    Mobilink should launch 3g enabled smartphones, not tab’s.

  • Adnan Najeeb

    Aray bhai un customers ko target karo jo ye afford kar saken har doosra teesra banda 32500/- ka tab afford nahi kar sakta

    • Adnan Najeeb

      aur offer bhi aisi ho k har koi afford kar sake

    • Ammar

      You’ll not find cellular tablets for less than 20k.

  • Sohaib

    One Samsung high-end deal for high-end customers and one Huawei or Dany backed low-end deal for low end customers would be better. Along with an ASUS or something mid-end deal for mid-range customers. Or an even higher end Razer or Microsoft Surface deal for very high end customers.
    Cover all price points starting with lowest and highest and then the middle.

  • Guest

    Ye offers hum jaisoon k liye nai hain, jo cheez kharedne se pehle uski price pe PhD karte hain k market mein kitne ki hai, online kitne ki hai….etc. Ye un k liye hai jo kehte hai ye lain credit card or swap kar lain, or phr kehte hain AWESOME… ;-)

  • Shahid Saleem

    It is a phablet that is sold by Samsung India. On India’s site the price is INR 18150, which is almost Rs 30,000. so how is galaxy selling for 26? What warranty are they giving?

    • Guest

      galaxy pk is most renowned site for IT gadgets. or in k outlets b hain. ye bht bare wholesalers hain. is liye apko online in se sasti bulkye market rate b in jaisa mushkil hi milye ga. ap dosri chezain check kar sakte hain. baqi warranty etc…. ap inse khud maloom kar lain. By the way, kya mobilink warranty de raha hai?!!! meri thori se malomat k mutabiq branded tabs ki warranty nai hoti, correct if I m wrong.

  • Yasir Ali Raza

    Welcome Bhai uy comments b hide kr den beshak

  • hussey08

    Ye kya baat hui?
    Kehna hai to ye kaho ke sasti tabs bhi honi chahiye hain!

  • Najam Ul Hasan

    GEO ap k Sasur Jee ka ha Jo Apko takleef hori ha ? :D

  • Ahmed Habib

    Islam main kisi par bina ksi suboot py ilzam lga dena tuhmat hy aur ye gunah e azeem hy!

    If you are kafir tou lgay raho mera kam tha bata dena, bas!

  • Ahmed Habib

    Talking about islam is chawal thing for you? Shame on you, go give sadqa o khairat mr chuchu!

    Also its matter of GEO and ISI who you are to blame any party??? In court lanuage you are not the affected party, so should not give your isi influenced decisions!

  • Ahmed Habib

    I suspect you must be pti supporter? This kind language always used by pti uneducated youth!

  • Ahmed Habib

    Dikha di na apni auqaat apni batooon say? Fake person!

  • Guest

    ya mobilink chawal hai ya wo humain chawal samjte hain, market price se itne paisy ziada pe sale kar rahe hain, jitney mein tablet or 3g ka package separately aa jaye or phr b paisy bach jain. in k package pta nai kon bnata hai, kuch din pehle Data Device Offer mein b kuch aisi hi chawali mari thee.

  • Mustafa

    this is 3G tab prices the price you are mentioning is wifi only price :)

  • AK Mustehsan

    These models are not wifi only models. With 3G card inside it, it increases the price anyway. I know these tabs are almost older now.

  • Guest

    3g available for 26k here:
    galaxy com pk / samsung-galaxy-tab-3-7.0-8gb-gsm-pakistan . html

  • AK Mustehsan

    The models you get in the market are wifi-only ones, these models are cellular models and they’re expensive.

    3G processor is a value-added.

  • Shahid Saleem

    You must be new to this forum. Comments here casting doubts on character and religion of other people is common here. That is what “Pakistan” is become.

    Yet same people who do such things never hesitate to say they love Islam and Our Prophet. Confused people…

    Just pray they wake up and repent before they die, Allah’s punishment cannot be avoided otherwise.

  • Shahid Saleem

    EVerywhere in the world wifi tablets are cheaper than wifi+3g. Check again the prices on your market, are they wifi only?

  • Shahid Saleem

    Free 3G internet for 3 months is “no value”?

  • Patriot

    I think they all are 3g models. You can check the specs from symbios dot pk