Apr 30, 2014


    I am also getting h+ in westridge ….



  • Mr Ufone

    can i avails this service on my regular sim (2g) ?

  • Raja Asr

    Bro I tried everything… even tried putting my sim in a friends phone who was getting 3G… didnt work

  • raheel khan

    i am on ufone and unbelievable speed……………..

  • Ace

    Any One Tested In Bhara Kahu Or QAU Universty Area ?

  • http://facebook.com/M.HasnainHaider Hasnain Haider

    3.5 g on my old nokia c6 having telenor, but still no 3g on my s3 having mobilink (>﹏<) Islamabad

  • Muhammad ali

    Beware of these free offers by UFone. As UFone is always greedy of devouring customers balance. As you can see their are lot of areas where 3G is not available. So if your data connection is open and you move from an area where 3G is available to an area where 3G is not available UFone will start charging you at the rate of Edge. Beware Beware

  • ampmvp

    You need to have a mobile phone which supports 3G.

  • Naveed

    Yes it should work .. I guess!!

  • peshbeen

    I Feel you, bro

  • Raja Asr

    I called them and they said that 3G services are not active on my number and I need to visit their service center to get them activated… This is just utter b.s… why would one have to activate a trial service… Edge on the other hand works fine…

  • http://facebook.com/najam121 Najam Ul Hasan

    Enable Dual Mode in Your Network Setting

  • Syed Arslan Tahir

    your joke is good, but may be it turns out to be truth very soon, they are not likley to spread this very soon