• Shoaib Khan

    Looks interesting.

  • Khalid Meraj

    The best has just arrived ….. 4G LTE by Warid :-)

    • Ali Sharif

      Warid had always high standard with their competitors. Good Luck

  • Bilal

    Warid was left out before this.. well lets see how this will work out for Warid.. Having a second LTE operator in country will push Zong around to bring in LTE earlier. and im hoping 3G will also be launched in more cities in less time

  • Stone

    “Warid’s today announcement” needs to be changed to Warid’s announcement today. Secondly, if are not familiar needs to be changed to If you are not familiar. #proofread

  • tiwana

     a little late is better than never ! 

  • SK

    The deal between Warid & Govt is already cracked and our govt cant let “Arabic brothers” go angry so now all 5 operators shall go with “G” technology. Lets welcome Warid in the race.

  • Ammar

    Enjoy your 5MHz 3G service suckers!

  • akash

    Being a warid user very happy to know, good news indeed.

  • test

    Warid rocks

  • Ahmed

    So according to this logic of being technology neutral, Warid could have taken “permission from PTA” and launched a 4G LTE network back in 2010 when it first surfaced. The other operators could have been on such a disadvantage for these 4 years. While that hasn’t happened the other operators are such dumb to pay millions of $$$ for 3G/4G. And with this technology neutral logic it also means that for any new technology like 5G or whatever, Warid will just take “permission from PTA” and go ahead with it. WTF?.

    • Naveed

      Yes exactly , that is the reason they paid $$ when buying their spectrum when they first came in Pakistan :P so that was a good move on the first hand…

  • khursheed

    warid has no money for LTE.. they are just making fool to the people of Pakistan. Vendors and Banking sector are asking money from warid which warid owed from many years. PTA should notice this warid ad which published in newspaper.
    Actually warid is scared from customers to b port out to the other networks.. so they want their subscriber have hope for 4G. (just like people of Pakistan having hope for electricity).
    Do u think all companies are foolish to give more than 1 billion dollars to govt of Pakistan for 3G and 4G launching and warid is so smart that it will start 4G services without obtaining license.
    you must have cash in hand for starting new services.. otherwise sheikh chilli ki tarah khawab toh dekhnay mein koi harj nahi.
    warid atleast need 1.2 billion to 1.5 billion US dollars for starting this new services and it has debt of 800 million dollars.. abi apna debt he utaar dain toh barhi baat hai warid kay leay..

  • Techi Techi


  • Techi Techi

    I am a warid user, we kept Quite because we knew our Worth we knew that Warid must have some thing excited or worth waiting for US!!!!!! ……

    for all the loosers….. its in your FACE …….

  • wyvv

    I am pretty sure that MOBILINK will buy the 4G License that is still pending and Mobilink had 10Mhz in there pocket ;)

  • tehmur khan

    Good news indeed! qadam uthao WARID, tumharay users tumharay saath hain! its just sad people are comparing WARID with the low-end ZONG network. WARID is better in every way! for the handsets, 4G aaye ga tau handsets bhee log lay lein ge for sure!

  • Mubashar Ghuman

    wah… ye to sub aagle nikla, proud to be warid user

  • Ghazanfar

    We need clarification from PTA I would like to ask propakistani to confirm through your resources and come out with exact details. Waiting for your next blog

  • ShoukaT

    That about sums it up…

    • Abdullah Saleem

      4G/LTE enabled phone isn’t a necessity for 4G service. There are many other ways possible to get a 4G Speed through your cellular network, like Routers (don’t sure about their availability in Pakistan.)

  • Osama

    ji bilkul app nikal lain……. and baqi sub ko basket main phenk dain… Lol

    • Mian Shahzad Raza

      LOL :D

  • Abdul Rauf Mujahid

    Nice strategy. But there is one thing which we should never forget. That is internet backbone. Our internet backbone bandwidth is weak. So they can’t offer more than 14Mbps(lets assume. Although this is very high too). which can also be done using HSPA+ on 3G

  • Abid Saleem

    Agar Yahi karna tha tuo auction ka drama kyoun sajaya. Sab ko free license dye detay. Kia hua agar woh arab nahin tuo….. Ab ZONG ko payment defer kr daini chahye jab tak PTA apna decision wapas nahin laita

  • Arsalan

    I think there is some problem with this headline “Warid goes public…”. When we say a company going public, it means something else i-e it is the first time the general public has the ability to buy shares. A better headline should have been “Warid publicly advertises its 4G LTE Deployment Plans”.