• Shahid Mehmood

    We are out of 3 Jee Coverage area jee…

  • Ali Imran

    WiFi might be the solution to work on, consumes far lesser battery tan any other solution.

  • sabeel khan

    This article should have been written earlier as I am sure many innocent postpaid users must have received their hiiiiggh bills by now. But its still worth reading as it gives the readers an idea about battery consumption of 4Jeee! Yani der ayad drust ayad! ;)

  • Identity theft and personal security are not specific to 3G, on even 2G one can easily check in to the places. Plus on many places there is wifi and these are increasing day by day, so checking in there via GPS on and Wifi is easy. So how all this is related to 3G. However, battery drain is real with 3G but then again, “Kuch panay kay liyay, kuch khona perta hai” so consider this trade off for better internet speed , video calls and better voice quality.

    On even 2G if we would have used the internet service without any package, the base rates were too high, 18Rs / mb, so bills even in 2G can go through roof in just hours, if you left the mobile data on accidentally and don’t have a package activated.

  • Vicky

    Oh that’s just my Suzuki Alto accelerating btw!

  • 3G ki maximum speed limit kya hai?

  • Ammar

    You’ve just listed the downsides of internet…

  • Amir

    I have lived in Europe and used both 3g and LTE, I have practical experince of all three type of services on same iphone, for you I can simplyfy the situation, simple logic is when you use 3g you finish your task in much less time than the 2g.Yes, 2g is good for battery timing when you don’t get strong 3g signals.

  • QasRoX

    about that identity theft. If you are on iPhone you do not need to fear anything. since apps can’t ask for your banking info nor your personal data without your permission

  • Tharki

    If u have so much issues with 3 Jee or 4 Jee, then please use Nokia 100 Jee

    • Hassan


  • fahad

    Kon pagal hy jis ne ye likha hy bhai mere paas z10 hu wo tu thk.timing d rha hy

  • iffi

    bechara Author pachta raha hoga article likh kr…. :p