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    Last night I have purchased this headphone. While buying this one I thought will serve as a good Bluetooth headphone/ hands-free but I was wrong and its waste of my 12,000 N ~ 4,000 INR. The music control button don't work with my phone. call button & volume button works fine. Battery backup is good. But horror part is music quality any low end headphone of a poor brand can have such sound. from low frequency to high this is bad. Don't buy this headphone if you want a good Bluetooth headphone search for something else.

    Its working fine with Moto V9m & after restoring to factory setting the Xperia Mini Pro the music control keys are working. After long listening also the music quality is same only few songs sounds OK.
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    Yesterday I woke up late and first half of the day was boring. Around mid day I made plan to see the near by phone market (sakatinubu street). There I made up my mind to buy a blackberry phone for testing and also for an experience in BB world. As an old time windows mobile user and recent android user I have never been a big fan of Blackberry devices. but interest towards them are neutral. And I purchased a basic/old blackberry curve 8520 in 32,500 N ~ 10,000 INR ~ 19,000 PKR.

    What I like :
    - Build in quality.
    - QWERTY keypad,
    - OS is designed for Business users & Professionals.
    - BBM is there.
    - The human to device interaction is good. I did not able to feel much difference between the new os on bold 3 and os on this old model.
    - Good battery life so far.
    - OK Camera.
    - Bundled accessories are practical & of good quality.
    - Good amount of configuration/settings available on the OS.
    What I did not like :
    - No Flash for camera. (Personally don't want a camera on this phone but still its a negative).
    - Only 2G.
    - Long boot up time.
    - No document editor. (Only viewer)
    What I don't Understood :
    - Why they ask so much money for this basic phone. Even after 2+ years ??
    - Photography Camera is not very important on this phone. Why not move that camera to front for video telephony ??
    - What is the meaning of having only 2G.

    Its difficult for me understand the logic behind this BB model. Its not a bad phone at all but the price !! I don't know. I can't suggest someone should buy it or not. But in my point of view you'll buy this phone when you are too moody and you heart overrides your mind.
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    Plantronics Backbeat 903+

    I bought this one a week back from Flipkart and it cost me 3599 INR ~ 6838 PKR.
    - Its awesome.
    - Built, sound quality etc all great for this price.
    - Good and useful voice assistance.
    - And many other useful features are there.
    - Only 7 hour backup.
    - Pairing for the first time is easy, but after that with second device is a headache.
    - Controllers are good but it will take time to get used to.
    - No noise cancellation.

    If anybody wants a good Bluetooh headset in budget. Then consider it on shopping list.

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    Plantronics is the world leading brand out there once it comes to quality...

    The noise cancellation feature is awesome!

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    Blackberry Playbook 64GB

    Don't want another android device & iPad 3 (the New) is 9 + inch !!!

    After reading few reviews I purchased it from in 16,640 INR. I think I should not write about hardware specifications, application supports.

    My first week was very very bad with it. Its like a headache. WiFi is mandatory for the very first start up.
    You can't connect this to laptop as mass storage device.
    And man I hate its WiFi, it just don't want to connect with a network. If router restart does not fix the connection issue then second option is you've to pray or else beg to the device.
    If you've plan to restart this tablet, then tap on restart and go and have a cup of coffee ummm.. and lunch too.
    ( not kidding Start up time is very slow)
    Negative !! That's all I've ..

    Now positive :
    + When it comes to multitasking its Qunix can eat iOS and Android. Its even better than webOS (I've used my friends HP tablet).
    + Very very nice screen, on paper low on resolution but i liked it more than the Nexus 7 (Don't know why)
    + I've not seen a single crash.
    + Personally I don't care about camera, but it has very good cameras both on back and front.
    + It has the best sound among the 7 inch tablets I've used. Because it has two speakers in front side.
    + Browser is just like a desktop browser.
    + Gestures are usable and useful. (Its does not have that 5 finger 6 toes weird gestures)
    + etc etc

    Its not the best tablet around but its one the best buy around. If you want following three things from your tablet then go for it.
    1. -- Movies --
    2. -- Browsing --
    3. -- eBook Reading --

    And appy people can always buy this
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    Bose AE2

    Don't buy it. For 170 USD it is comfortable, sounds okay, not great with portable devices & good for show off the Bose brand.

    Around same price Sennheiser pcx 360 is a better buy.

    Bose return my $100 keep $70 for your product
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    PDM or JDM which car is good

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