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The phenomena of putting the transmission online by TV channels came after the emergency was imposed by President Musharraf on November 03, 2007l; when all TV Channels were capped to on air their transmission in Pakistan.

The ban hit Geo TV the worst that remained offline for about three months. During this, Geo TV and others TV Channels, including, ARY One World, Dawn, AJJ TV etc started broadcasting their live feeds on their websites.

These live broadcasts of Pakistani TV channels are found very beneficial at number of occasions

  • You can watch TV even without having a Television
  • Almost every hour of load shedding causes interrupts in cable TV network transmission, so you have an alternate resource to watch your favorite TV show while your cable is down.
  • You can enjoy Live TV channels with your internet (or at least audio in case you have dial up) In far flung areas, where you don’t see cable operators
  • You can watch TV online while you are on the move
  • And the best of all, you don’t have to pay any fee to watch these Pakistani News and entertainment channels.