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Google Removes Bomb Gaza Game from the Play Store

By | August 7, 2014 43 Comments

It is a common practise for game developers to take inspiration, or even make games directly on real-life events. Hence, it is not a surprise that the current on-going event in the Middle East, the Israel-Gaza conflict was also moulded into an mobile game ‘Bomb Gaza’ on Android. After spending a week on the Play Store, the game was finally removed by Google and is [...]

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Askari Bank Launches World MasterCard Credit Card

By | August 7, 2014 3 Comments

Askari Bank in collaboration with MasterCard announced the launch of Pakistan’s first World MasterCard Credit Card. The Card is specifically developed for the bank’s customers seeking extravagance and high class service worldwide. The Askari Bank World MasterCard Credit Card will offer a host of unique privileges like invitations to exclusive events, access to airport lounges and priority reservations at top restaurants around the world. Cardholders [...]

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PTCL Launches E-Learning Program for Underprivileged Youth

By | August 7, 2014 4 Comments

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched an online education program ‘Illuminating Learning Movement (ILM)’ aimed at providing customized and interactive e-learning solutions to underprivileged students. The program is being launched in collaboration with Click2Learn, which is a comprehensive adaptive online education platform. The initiative, in the preliminary phase, shall enable 5000 talented and underprivileged students to access and benefit from this customized platform of [...]

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Centaurus Selects Makkays to Deploy Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Data Network

By | August 6, 2014 13 Comments

Centaurus Mall in Islamabad has said that it has chosen Makkays to implement a state of the art Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise data network solution to enhance their core network infrastructure and backhaul network. This implementation will deliver advanced quality-of-service functionality and high-speed switching technology for day-to-day applications and services. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions are highly flexible as compared to other vendors in the market, said Makkays in [...]

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Telenor Announces its Second Youth Summit

By | August 5, 2014 One Comment

Telenor Group, in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center, has announced Telenor Youth Summit 2014, to be held in December this year. Telenor said that it invites youth to explore how mobile and digital communication can bring social change and create opportunities for all. Telenor Group will host its Youth Summit from Dec. 9-11, 2014, in Oslo. The event follows last year’s successful inaugural gathering [...]

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World’s Largest Online Photography Competition Comes to Pakistan

By | August 5, 2014 9 Comments

For the first time this September, Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM), the world’s largest online photography competition is coming to Pakistan. This competition, known as Wiki Loves Monuments Pakistan (WLMP) is organised nationally by Wikimedia Community User Group Pakistan (WCUGP), the official affiliate of Wikimedia Foundation in the country. Wikimedia Foundation is the entity behind the popular online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, amongst the top 10 most visited [...]

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Telenor Equips its Sahulat Ghars with Biometric Verification System

By | August 5, 2014 2 Comments

Telenor Pakistan yesterday announced that it has successfully completed the installation of Biometric Verification System (BVS) for activation of SIMs at all of its Sahulat Ghar outlets across Pakistan. It is pertinent to note here that Telenor Pakistan has been selling SIMs through BVS at all of its own Sales & Service Centers and Franchises in Karachi since December 01, 2013 and completed the nationwide [...]

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Mobilink Selects Oracle Solutions for its CRM

By | August 5, 2014 4 Comments

Mobilink has chosen to upgrade its CRM system to Oracle Siebel CRM 8.1 on Oracle’s Engineered Systems, said a statement. Oracle said that upgrading their CRM application on Oracle systems will help Mobilink run business critical workloads providing them with faster end user response times, and faster batch processing throughput, which may enable them a real-time 360 degree view of their customers across sales, marketing, [...]

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Microsoft Releases Nokia X2, its Last Non-Windows Phone

By | August 4, 2014 17 Comments

The future of Nokia X2, in particular after Microsoft’s announcement to quit making non-Windows Phone smartphones, had been in jeopardy. Not anymore though, and the phone has officially been launched in Pakistan for Rs. 15,500. While the price is not hugely significant, what is in fact is the fact that this could well be the last Nokia phone to not run Windows Phone in history. [...]

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HTC Announces its New J Butterfly

By | August 4, 2014 One Comment

Its the time of the year when HTC announces its most-important smartphone, after its flagship and its mini-version, the Butterfly. Its common for these phones to borrow a lot from the on-going flagships and at times are even better, hence, they are always looked forward to. This year’s J Butterfly kicks off things with a 5″ display with Full HD 1080p resolution. It is made [...]

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Unilever Partners with Daraz.PK to offer FMCG Products Online

By | August 4, 2014 4 Comments

Unilever has partnered with to become the first organization in  Pakistan’s FMCG sector to offer an online retail solution for customers. As part of this collaboration, consumers will be able to purchase a large variety of Unilever’s beauty and personal care products from the online portal. Unilever said that its initiative is part of group’s global e-commerce vision that focuses on increasing revenue share [...]

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Nvidia Announces New Shield Tablet for Gaming Enthusiasts

By | August 4, 2014 3 Comments

A lot of people don’t remember Nvidia’s Shield Portable. The handheld showed promise with its respectable specifications and the ability to stream games but was ultimately a niche item. Well guess what? Nvidia’s back with its tablet and this time it aims to appeal more to a broader audience. Specifications The specifications of the Shield Tablet really point towards a high-end device. You’re getting an [...]

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Meet Find 7a, OPPO’s Flagship Smartphone in Pakistan [Short Review]

By | July 28, 2014 18 Comments

Chinese Electronics manufacturer OPPO is the newest entrant in Pakistan’s smartphone market. The company managed to make an impression in many International markets by bringing some unique smartphones, including Find 5, N1 and now Find 7. During its soft launch in the country, OPPO has released 4 phones in the market. Find 7a is their flagship device, sold at a price of Rs. 49,900 in the [...]

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Zong Gives Away Mercedes Benz to its Promotion Winner

By | July 28, 2014 14 Comments

Zong has rewarded one of its lucky customers with Mercedes Benz car for winning a promotion. Customers were asked in this promotion to buy a new SIM or port their numbers to Zong’s network and consume Rs. 200 to become part of the the lucky draw that could get them luxurious Mercedes Benz. Today, Zong announced that it has selected a winner, who is awarded [...]

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PTCL Launches 36Mbps Chaar Ji EVO Service

By | July 27, 2014 9 Comments

Today, technology is evolving at breakneck speeds, and this effect is visible everywhere. As the technology evolves, so does the needs of consumers, who are getting data hungrier day-by-day. To bridge this gap, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has taken the lead by introducing the next generation wireless broadband “EVO CharJi” offering speeds upto 36 mbps. Little late than we originally expected, PTCL’s Chaar Ji [...]

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