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Continued Terror, Software Industry Suffers

By | November 11, 2009 One Comment

We know multiple software companies, especially in Islamabad that are considering Plan B for continuing their operations, after they sent their workforce on paid leaves. The situation was created when continued terrorism threatened the IT industry. Software companies preferred to send their employees on leaves instead of risking their valuable lives. Some companies think China as a better option to work, while others consider India [...]

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Chinese Handsets are Ruling the Local Market

By | November 11, 2009 12 Comments

The China-made handsets have proved to be a nightmare for the business of other famous brands with their ‘china price’, advance technology and multiple features. The sales of the Chinese mobile sets have been increasing constantly with its growing popularity among the middle- and lower-class customers for the last couple of years. The second copy of branded cellphones has entered the domestic market along with [...]

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ISPs complain of ‘unfair’ market practices by PTA

By | November 11, 2009 2 Comments

Internet service providers (ISPs) in Islamabad have registered complaints with the ministry of information technology against what they called ‘unfair’ market practices and ‘unreasonable’ policies. ‘Blocking voice packages on internet indiscriminately’ topped their list of worries. ‘The authority has been blocking internet IP addresses indiscriminately without issuing notices,’ said an ISP, adding ‘We don’t object that PTA blocks illegal traffic but most genuine customers like [...]

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Too Much Texting Leads to Neck Pains in Youngsters

By | November 11, 2009 6 Comments

Most adults aged 18-21 prefer texting over e-mail or phone calls, and ergonomics researchers are starting to wonder whether it’s putting the younger generation at risk for some overuse injuries – once reserved for older adults who have spent years in front of a computer. “What we’ve seen so far is very similar to what we see with office workers who’ve spent most of their [...]

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Breaking: Walid Irshaid to Become Group CEO of PTCL and Ufone

By | November 10, 2009 5 Comments

Walid Irshaid, current President and CEO of PTCL, is going to be the Group CEO of Ufone and PTCL – confirmed us a source close to the situation. This move came shortly after Mr. Saoud Abdulaziz Bin Hadef Al Shamsi’s appointment as Deputy CEO, Ufone, who is directly reporting to Mr. Abdul Aziz, President & CEO. However, now Mr. Abdul Aziz will report to Walid [...]

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Want to Buy Cattle? Here is this Website Selling Them Online; Can be a Role Model for Other Businesses Too

By | November 10, 2009 17 Comments

Masses, not only from urban areas but also from rural and countryside, are comprehending the fruitfulness of internet. They understand that internet happens to be the only platform that can expand their businesses beyond the geographical boundaries, and that too without any physical presence. We have mourned several times regarding the lack of ecommerce infrastructure in Pakistan, but still the enthusiasm and dire demand had [...]

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Telecom Imports in Pakistan over Past Five Years

By | November 10, 2009 No Comments

Telecom industry is responsible for huge amount of Imports, especially in area of Mobile Phone sets, accessories along with Telecom Equipment. These imports are burden on national economy, however, we can’t avoid them as they are responsible for many other benefits that get from Telecom sector. Government of Pakistan tried to cut down at least mobile phone import, which it succeeded in a way (evident [...]

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Share Files with Your Friends with KongShare

By | November 10, 2009 6 Comments

While surfing Internet may find something interesting or important and you may want to share it with your friends instantly then here is a nice site that allows you to share documents, images, videos or whatever file type with your friends by email or through SMS. Site is With you can share any file with your friends. There are two ways to share [...]

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Link Dot Net Offering 30% Discounted Rate in Karachi Only

By | November 10, 2009 17 Comments

Broadband Internet Companies are facing tough time in Karachi, as compared to other parts of the country. That’s due to new WiMAX entrants, along with good numbers of already operating ISPs in the city. Link Dot Net keeping in view the competition and sensing the demand, has offered 30 percent discount on all of its packages, at least in Karachi. We got this information through [...]

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First iPhone Virus Hits Jailbroken Phones

By | November 10, 2009 One Comment

World’s first iPhone virus has been reported, which is creating some buzz in at least Australia right now, however, it is said that world over iPhones that are jailbroken are under threat. The virus, dubbed the ikee worm, breaks into iPhones, changing their lock screen wallpaper to an image of 1980s pop star Rick Astley with the message: “ikee is never going to give you [...]

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Nokia to Replace Poorly Manufactured Phone Chargers

By | November 10, 2009 2 Comments

Nokia has identified a problem with one of its 3rd-party supplied phone chargers and has initiated a free replacement service. Chargers manufactured by a third party have problem with its plastic that opens up as you use & exposes internal components. This might lead to electric shock when touched. Only a limited number of chargers of certain model types manufactured by a single third-party supplier [...]

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Nokia Launches X Series at a Musical Event in Karachi

By | November 8, 2009 14 Comments

By Danish Hassan Capturing the magic of music and touch, Nokia recently held its Music Event in Karachi. The event setup exuded tons of lively colors and disco appeal. The guests at the event were first ushered into the XpressMusic lounge where they got to experience the latest touch and music devices from Nokia. The guests were then led into the main hall where the [...]

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SHC Suspends Arrest Warrant Against PTA Chairman

By | November 8, 2009 No Comments

The Sindh High Court (SHC) suspended an arrest warrant, issued by an Additional District and Sessions Court on October 31, against the chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in the blasphemous caricatures case. The court issued non-bailable warrants against the cartoonists, publishers of the Danish, Italian and French newspapers as well as the PTA chairman and officials in a case that said that the PTA [...]

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PTA Removes CNIC Copy Condition for SIM Data Correction

By | November 8, 2009 12 Comments

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), in order to facilitate mobile users, has removed the condition of providing CNIC copy by the consumers seeking correction in their SIM data. According to the PTA, presently, extensive monitoring of the SIM Information System — 668 is being carried out after its successful deployment throughout the country. In view of difficulties faced by consumers of far flung areas in approaching [...]

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Zong Consumer Promo

By | November 8, 2009 7 Comments

ZONG has introduced this offer that encourages its customers to put back their Zong SIMs to get incentives. It says The customer will be given 30 free on-net minutes when he/she reactivates the Zong SIM and dial 919. The customers will also get 50% free minutes on the amount of his/her monthly recharge from 6th November – 6th December. Reactivating subscribers will also get a [...]

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